Buying a thermostat is about as exciting a shopping experience as buying car tires – always necessary, but not necessarily exciting. However, today’s smart thermostats offer innovations that can make them highly attractive.

Thermostat Features Worth Having

Wi-Fi connectivity ranks as the best new innovation of the past 10 years. A thermostat that can communicate with your smartphone means you never have to wonder about your home’s air quality, temperature and humidity. Besides Wi-Fi connectivity, look for these great features:

  • Auto scheduling

  • Energy history

  • Intuitive interfaces

  • Large display screen

  • Gathers data from multiple home locations

  • Lockout feature to prevent family members from changing settings

Five Best Thermostat Buys

These five thermostats, all Wi-Fi connected, will help lower your Phoenix home’s energy use year-round.

    Howard Air - Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home: Nest
  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

  2. The third generation has auto-schedule and auto-away modes, plus a furnace heads-up feature alerting you when your furnace short-cycles. Its Farsight feature can detect your presence and responds by lighting up the thermostat to display time and temperature.


    Howard Air - Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home: Honeywell
  3. Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

  4. This thermostat can email you with alerts, offers a bright, colorful screen and a self-learning mode to match your habits. You do get smartphone control but you get no reporting functions.

  5. Emerson Sensi

  6. Friendly to your budget, easy to use and having many of the same capacities as more expensive devices, the Sensi can use Alexa and an app to give you the same control over your HVAC system as other models. It is a best seller.

    Howard Air - Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home: Ecobee
  7. Ecobee 3 (2nd Generation) Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor

  8. One sensor is far from the thermostat in another room and can give you pinpoint accuracy to balance heating and cooling. The same sensor can detect an empty house and reduce cooling and heating to save money, making the Ecobee very energy efficient.

    Howard Air - Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home: Honeywell 7-Day
  9. Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Thermostat with WiFi (Model RTH6580WF)

  10. For under $100, you can get Wi-Fi connectivity that is affordable and contains many of the features of more expensive models. The RTH6580WF can be monitored and managed through your smartphone, a PC or a tablet. It provides battery and filter warnings, alerts you to sudden temperature changes and is easy to program on the wall.