Winner of 2017 BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Howard Air

We are humbled to announce that Howard Air was selected as the BBB 2017 Torch Awards for Ethics Winner. This award is designed to recognize companies that exhibit strong ethics and integrity throughout all of their business practices. It also aims to acknowledge businesses that foster and maintain high levels of trust among their employees, customers and communities.


Best Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Contractors in Phoenix

Phoenix's Best AC Company

For more than 40 years, our customers have called Howard Air one of the highest-rated air conditioning companies in Phoenix. We have earned an A+ BBB Rating by consistently operating in an honest, transparent, and responsible manner. We know how cool the winter months get in Arizona and we are quick to respond so that our customers can get their cooling and heating system back in working order and back to comfortable temperatures — without going broke in the process.

Finding a professional air conditioner repair company can mean the difference between a happy or miserable fall. Our job is to maximize your AC efficiency while minimizing your utility bill. Call us today to find out why so many refer to us as one of the best companies in the Southwest to work with. For the best AC mending service in the Valley, think Howard Air first for an unforgettable experience!

HVAC Repair & Parts Replacement

Howard Air specializes in customer service and giving you cool air. For more than 40 years, Howard Air has repeatedly been recognized as one of the highest-rated HVAC businesses in the Metro area. Over the past several decades, we have dedicated ourselves to treating our customers with respect and operating our business with honesty and integrity. Finding yourself in need of an AC expert can be an emergency situation; which is why we offer 24-hour service calls. Call us today and we’ll give your heating and cooling equipment a thorough inspection and a speedy solution to restore your home to comfortable temperatures. In most cases, a simple system reboot can be done quickly and at an affordable price. If it comes time to replace your HVAC unit, we will help you to understand all of your options so that you can choose the right central air unit for your Phoenix home. We respect the feedback from our customers and always take what we’re told and apply it to building a stronger home service company. Our promise is to provide quality work in every application – whether it is residential, commercial, sales, service, installation, indoor air quality, or new construction.

If you’re having an air cooling issue, whether with refrigeration, heating, or ventilation, with your central HVAC you’ve come to the right place. Our repairmen are climate control masters who can quickly rectify common cooling problems, such as replacing a faulty part or component – fan blades, blower motor, blower wheel, relay board / switch, run capacitor, igniter, thermostat, air exchanger, sensor, thermistor, and contactor. If you’re air filter is the culprit, you won’t receive an exorbitant service fee from Howard Air.

For cooling and heater unit parts replacement and repair, contact us today for assistance with any and all troubles within the following areas:

Alternators & Battery
Axle, Rollers, Shafts, Wheels
Blower Wheels & Fan Blades
Brackets & Flanges
Caps, Lids & Covers
Circuit Boards & Timers
Cleaners & Deodorizers
Compressor & Sealed System
Control Cables
Curtains & Accordions
Deflectors & Chutes
Drip Bowls & Pans
Ducting (Air Ducts) & Venting
Fuses, Thermal Fuse & Breakers
Gas Burners & Control Valves
Gaskets & Seals
Grilles & Kickplates
Heating Element
Hoses, Tubes & Fittings
Ignition Controls
Knobs, Dials & Buttons
Leg, Foot & Caster
Lighting & Light Bulbs
Power Cords
Remote Controls
Sensors & Thermistors
Tank & Container
Valve & Float
Wire Connector
New Cooling & Heating System Installation

Eventually, all Arizona residents will find themselves needing a new cooling and heating unit. Give us a call and take advantage of our free, no-obligation cooling system installation estimate. We will make sure you understand all of your options involved in replacing your old cooling unit and advise you on the best air conditioners for your specific home or office needs. Refrigeration and heater installation is our specialty and we have been number one in Arizona for more than 40 years. Each of our installation technicians are certified specialists! We offer a complete line of state-of-the-art air-con for customers to choose from.

We Service & Fix All Major AC Brands

Lennox: Lennox central air units fall under our area of expertise. We have been servicing Lennox air systems for years and we know them inside and out. If you’re in need of Lennox servicing, contact us today and we’ll get your home or office back in working condition in no time.

York: Restoring York systems back to being fully operational is not a problem for our team. For the intense Arizona summers, a York A/C unit can be a great choice. If you’re in need of repairwork, or a check-up, call us today and we’ll help you be surrounded by cold air all summer long!

Goodman: Is your Goodman refrigeration system not blowing cold air or in need of a tune-up? We are qualified to service Goodman units and can run a full diagnosis and consult you on all your options when it comes to Goodman repairs.

Rheem: We are your premier Rheem repair company and have been for years. If you own a Rheem product and are in need of a system restore or an estimate, contact Howard Air today for any service needs.

Bryant: Our highly-trained technicians are experts at fixing Bryant units. Whether you simply need a new part or are nearing the end of your system’s life and would like to know options for a new one, Howard Air is here to help. Contact us today if you’re in need of a Bryant mend.

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“We had an intermittent cooling problem with one of our central a/c units. It would cool ok then stop cooling unless we rebooted the system several time a day (and night.) We had another contractor come, he said it needed Freon, I didn’t think it did because when it worked, it cooled just fine. He then said the unit was on its way out, they usually don’t last more than 10-15 years.”

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