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Home Energy Audit


Get an energy audit for your home to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve health, safety, and comfort. Not only will you have cleaner, better air quality, you’ll also make your home more environmentally friendly and lower your bills.

Here is some information on what you can expect from a Phoenix home energy audit.

Technicians will use their extensive training to visually inspect your entire HVAC system and look for opportunities to improve energy efficiency. After the visual inspection, infrared technology is used to audit the heating and cooling loss in your home. These infrared images will help identify areas for improvement as far as your energy efficiency.

Technicians will also perform blower door testing to identify areas where heated and cooled air is leaking from your system. A calibrated fan will be mounted to an exterior door on your home to create a vacuum. The vacuum will expose leaks in your home by creating obvious drafts. These areas can be sealed to prevent further energy loss.

After leaks have been identified in your ducts, the technician will use patented Aeroseal technology to seal the problem areas from the inside. Polymer particles stick together in pressurized areas where air can escape. These particles stick to the edges of an unsealed area to fill the hole until the leakage has been completely stopped.

Energy savings are hard to predict because they depend on a wide variety of factors. The utility costs in your area, the climate, the age of your HVAC units, and your specific use habits will all affect how much you will save on your energy bills.

A Phoenix home energy audit can help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. If your unit can run more efficiently, it could lead to a significant reduction in your energy bill. If there is a small reduction in your bill, here are a few additional steps you can take to reduce it:

Check to see if there are appliances in the home left on when not in use.
Consider upgrading older appliances.
Change your light bulbs to LED.
Check with your power company to see if the rates have changed. This won’t lower your bill, but it may help to explain the recent spike.

Regardless of how much money you save on your energy bills, you can count on seeing significant benefits. You’ll get even heating and cooling throughout your house, better air quality, and reduction of any odors or fumes you may experience currently. Commercial energy audits can also solve airflow problems in larger buildings.

Get your Phoenix home energy audit from Arizona’s #1 rated company on Angie’s List. Our certified technicians will maximize the efficiency of your air ducts to lower energy costs and increase air quality. Contact us today to ask about our flexible scheduling.