Prepare for the Heat When it’s Cold Out

People often assume AC companies in Phoenix spend the winter months throwing pencils into the ceiling tiles in our offices. Although that may be true for some lesser contractors, this is not the case at Howard Air. We know what smart consumers know: The best time to buy a central air conditioner, and have it expertly installed, is during the heating season.

Weather Wise

During Phoenix’s cooler months, central air conditioners are not in use and not on people’s minds. This means end-of-model-year units may be available from contractors at a discount. It also means installation costs may be lower, since you are not competing for contractor time as you would be during the busier summer cooling season.

Even big-ticket items like air conditioners yield to market forces. The best time to buy an air conditioner is when nobody else wants one. Putting in central air conditioning is just as easy for the expert technicians of Howard Air in winter as it is in summer – Phoenix officially gets no snow, after all – so winter, when our crews are not rushing from AC repair job to repair job, is a great time to schedule your purchase and installation.

Penny Smart

Off-season is also great because you have plenty of time to research your purchase, get competitive bids from several contractors and work out financing and other terms with your contractor of choice. Howard Air, for example, offers special financing with approved credit on some central air conditioning systems.

If “buy air conditioning unit” is on your late summer to-do list, you can actually be rewarded for procrastinating by taking the time to inspect models, read the contract carefully and negotiate the best price.

Always Perfect Installation

Winter is also a good time for central air conditioning installation because technicians will not be rushed to finish the job so they can be off to other calls. They can take extra time to balance your system, ensure smooth and correct charging, program your thermostat, and more.

A key part of efficient central air conditioning operation is operator education. Because the off-season is less rushed, our expert representatives can take the time to teach you how to most efficiently use your system. They can walk you through routine homeowner maintenance like filter changes and condensate line inspection.

Get Started Today

For year-round service and installation, please contact the best in Phoenix air conditioning company, Howard Air. We will be happy to arrange off-season sales and installation of a central air conditioner for your Phoenix-area home, or work around your schedule even during the busy cooling season.