Technology harnesses the basic research of science to produce wondrous tools to make our lives better. One such technological innovation is ductless air conditioning. Largely replacing the bulky exterior and interior units of traditional central air conditioning, a mini-split system delivers plenty of cool, comforting air, but with a much smaller footprint.

How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work-Howard Air

Ductless air conditioners, you might say, were designed with an eraser. Starting with a central air conditioner, engineers whittled the design down to its essence: an interior air handler, an exterior compressor and a refrigerant line between the two. No ducts!

A ductless air conditioner is ideal for homes with additions, conversions of previously uncooled spaces (like a garage) or for areas where your traditional central air conditioner just cannot deliver cool air.

Interior Evaporator Coil

Interior Evaporator Coil-Howard Air

A ductless mini split system includes an interior head, generally mounted on an exterior wall of a bedroom, living room or other untreated space. The interior head has a small evaporator coil and a powerful fan that circulates cool air throughout the one room or small area the ductless system is intended for. Ductless heating and cooling is not designed to be a whole-house solution.

Hot room air passes over the evaporator coil and is cooled by the refrigerant (which absorbs the heat and passes it to the outside).

Exterior Compressor and Condenser

Exterior Compressor and Condenser-Howard Air

The interior head is connected by a small-diameter refrigerant line and flexible tube to a very small exterior unit that serves the same purpose as its bigger brother, the compressor and condenser of a central air conditioner.

The heat captured in the refrigerant line by the interior head is fanned out into the outside air. Unlike a heat pump, a ductless air conditioner operates in one direction only: heat from inside the home is removed, while cool air is circulated.

A Whole House Solution?

A Whole House Solution--Howard Air

With enough interior heads, and possibly more than one exterior unit, you can cool a whole house with ductless air conditioners. Some Phoenicians prefer this method to a single, central air conditioner as each space can be cooled to individual taste.

About Those Ducts

About Those Ducts-Howard Air

Retro-fitting an Arizona home or business with traditional central air conditioning requires extensive ductwork. This may not always be feasible, since the ducts have to run through walls, ceilings and across attic spaces. Ductless mini-split air conditioning avoids all that potentially disruptive work.

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