As with any other product, each AC manufacturer has its loyal fans. At Howard Air, with more than 30 years of experience installing and repairing air conditioners in one of the hottest climates in the country, we like to think we’ve got a pretty good handle on who builds the best products.

We don’t install or service any air conditioner brands we don’t trust to get the job done, but we’ve found that in our line of work, there really are some superstar manufacturers.

7 Best Air Conditioning Brands

Here are the brands we stand behind for their quality and consistency.

1. Carrier

Carrier Air Logo We’re a certified Carrier installer, and we’ve installed more of these units than we can count. Carrier has been around longer than anyone – their founder, Willis Carrier, is the inventor of the modern air conditioning unit. We like their Infinity series for efficiency and their Comfort series for economy.

2. Trane

Trane Air Conditioner Logo We’re certified to install Trane systems as well, and we’re big fans of their corrosion resistance and their expertise in variable-speed airflow. Staying on top of technology is important to us, and Trane has always pushed our industry in the right direction.

3. York

AC York Logo Here’s what we like about York units: their powder-coating holds up exceptionally well in harsh weather, they manufacture units that are designed to deliver efficiency even in our hot Southwest climate, and their features are particularly user-friendly. Like so many of the manufacturer’s air conditioners we service, York has been around for well over 100 years – in fact, they were founded in 1874 as an ice machine manufacturer. We can always get behind that kind of manufacturing history.

4. Goodman

Goodman Air Conditioning Logo Goodman units are designed to strike that all-important balance between savings and performance, and they strike it nicely – plus, their units are very dependable. Their biggest selling point may be that their HVAC systems are environmentally friendly, a factor that is increasingly important to many of our customers.

5. Rheem

Rheem Air/Conditioning Logo Rheem gets tons of brand recognition, which is because their dependable performance has made them one of the most popular household names in the business. We like their excellent warranties and industry-leading customer service and support, too.

6. Ruud

Air Conditioner Ruud Logo Once again, Ruud proves that a century in the industry really means something. Offering great warranties and customer support, plus excellent technical assistance for installers, Ruud provides peace of mind for our customers.

7. Lennox

Lennox AC Logo Customers like the Lennox brand because their products are well-reviewed by consumers, and they like the array of Energy Star-qualified products that Lennox manufactures. We like them because they’ve proven their durability and the quality of manufacturing.

Choose Howard Air for Your Phoenix Metro AC Needs

At Howard Air, we’re happy to help you select the right brand for your needs if you’re shopping for a new unit. We’ll listen to your concerns and priorities and then make a recommendation based on your individual customer needs – no two homes are exactly alike.

Choose from any of these air conditioner brands and you can expect top quality, and, paired with our proven record of 30 years of satisfied customers, that’s an unbeatable combination! Simply click here or call (623) 201-5153 to contact us.