Anyone who owns a cat knows The Challenge of the Door: The cat wishes to go out … or not … or go out … or not … This nonsense can go on and on until you “help” your cat decide using your own two hands.

Air conditioners can go through the same sort of indecision, but with an air conditioner, it is called short cycling, and it leads to total system failure.

3 Ways Your A/C Will Break

It is one of three top reasons you will be needing air conditioner repair this summer. 

#1 Short Cycling 

The likely causes of short cycling are many, but they all lead to the same thing: a frantic mid-summer call for service because the AC has broken down. Short cycling is the rapid on and off of your Arizona home’s central air conditioner. Some possible causes:

  1. Ice on the evaporator coil
  2. Refrigerant leak
  3. Compressor damage
  4. Sticky thermostatic expansion valve

Contact your local Arizona HVAC contractor when you notice your AC coming on, running a short time, then turning off, only to restart in a few minutes.

#2 Homeowner Procrastination

Howard Air - Three Ways Your A/C Will Break this Summer: Procrastinating

You invested in a great machine that literally changes all the air in your home all day long. Why, then, would you pretend it is no longer in your house? We’re talking about the tendency to put off simple chores that can keep your AC humming:

  • Replace the air filter at least monthly during cooling season. Failure to do this often leads to complete breakdown, as the system cannot achieve balance between the supply and return air pressures.
  • Whether inside or out, the coils (condenser coils outside, evaporator coils inside) need to be kept clean.

Procrastination is expensive. You will pay for it through summer AC breakdowns. 

#3 Inadequate Professional Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance may be a low priority in your winter or early spring budget, but annual maintenance can keep condensate lines clear, get dirty filters out of the way and ensure adequate refrigerant long before the daily call for cooling. 

Regular maintenance means at least an annual inspection, cleaning and tune-up. Ignoring this simple step will almost definitely lead to a much more expensive emergency call mid-summer when you simply cannot stand the heat. 

Need A/C Maintenance or Repair? Call Howard Air

To avoid being caught with no working AC this summer, please contact us at Howard Air at (623) 201-5153 so we may schedule air conditioner preventative maintenance before the height of the hottest season.