An old furnace can be very expensive. Keeping a gas furnace in your home – when new, high-efficiency gas models are available – can cost you thousands in unnecessary fuel costs, repair work, and annual upkeep. 

High-Efficiency versus Standard Models

Gas furnaces today are far superior in wise use of natural gas (or propane) than models made just a decade ago. All furnaces can be measured using a yardstick called Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), and most models more than 20 years old will measure in the 65 to 80 percent AFUE range. Models a decade old generally will eke out 80 to 85 percent efficiency. Yet, high-efficiency gas furnaces are available today that provide as much as 98 percent AFUE. 

Howard Air - Most Common High-Efficiency Furnace Prices: Energy Star

Energy Star

The federal Energy Star program can be your guide to selecting these extremely energy-efficient models. Phoenix and environs are in the southern tier of states, meaning they must have at least 90 percent AFUE, according to

Various manufacturers have gas furnaces that are in the mid- to high 90 percent AFUE range, but as the AFUE climbs, so do costs. The cost difference between 93 and 98 percent AFUE could make potential return on investment (ROI) meaningless.

Howard Air - Most Common High-Efficiency Furnace Prices: Pricing


The experts at peg the price for a complete, modern high-efficiency gas furnace at $7,500 to $10,000. This might seem like a very wide range, but every installation is different and is affected by local factors such as:

  • Rerouting ductwork
  • Balancing the system
  • Integrating the gas furnace with central air conditioning
  • Accessories such as HEPA or deep-media filters

Other advisory sites provide similar ranges of high-efficiency furnace prices. For example, puts the typical price of a new gas furnace at $5,500, but provides a (perhaps unrealistic) low cost of $700 and a (very realistic) upper limit of $13,000.

To install a modern, high-efficiency gas furnace for $700, you would have to do the job yourself and be putting it in a one-room cabin. The $13,000 figure would be for the highest capacity (greatest heat output) model with every accessory (e.g. WiFi thermostat, HEPA filtration, UV germicidal light).

High-efficiency Furnace Installations in Phoenix

Howard Air - Most Common High-Efficiency Furnace Prices: Warm Cup of Coffee

To learn more about high-efficiency gas furnace prices and how the right model in your Phoenix-area house could save you money, contact us at Howard Air.

We can conduct an energy audit to improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide free advice on high-efficiency gas furnaces, their installation and pricing. We also provide repairs for common furnace problems and install new units.