At Howard Air, our business is keeping homes comfortable for their owners and residents. The summers in Phoenix are not to be taken lightly, and a broken AC can actually be quite dangerous during the hottest parts of the year. When an AC unit breaks, it is often quite sudden, so homeowners will want to replace it as soon as possible. However, they are often worried about the price of a new AC unit. What follows is a brief overview of how much a new air conditioner costs in terms of equipment, installation and monthly use.   

How Much For A New Air Conditioner?

Home air conditioner prices can vary greatly, depending on the brand and model type purchased. When considering HVAC prices in Phoenix, keep the following figures in mind. Taking an average cost of $5,234, the common AC unit will cost between $3,693 and $7,146, for most homeowners to both purchase the unit itself and pay for labor and installation. However, there are some cheaper models available depending on home cooling needs.

Installation Costs

Installation and labor costs are a necessary part of AC unit installation. Aside from the installer, several assistants may also be needed, depending on the scope of the project. Besides the air conditioner and related chemicals, there are also charges for materials or labor that might be needed, such as ductwork.

Monthly Expenses

After an air conditioner is installed, home cooling costs have to be taken into consideration. There are several factors that decide this:

  • British Thermal Units or BTU, relate to the capacity and energy needed to cool an area. For example, an area of 700 to 1,000 square feet requires 18,000 BTUs per hour. The larger a home is, the more BTUs are needed, requiring more power and a stronger AC unit.

Howard Air - How Much Energy Do AC Units Use Infographic

  • One Stage Vs. Two Stage Air Conditioners. To simplify, this relates to how a unit powers up. Single stage units operate at full capacity at all times. Two stage units build up their power and only increase to maximum power if needed, before reducing energy usage back down. These units save on power costs and also reduce noise.
  • Other factors, such as drafts and not having enough insulation in the home, can also drive up monthly cooling costs as cold air escapes.

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