The primary function of the HVAC system in your home – or the heating, ventilation and air condition system – is to provide thermal comfort (control the temperature) and produce acceptable indoor air quality (by controling humidity and filtering the air). But, how does it work?

Understanding the basic functions of an HVAC system and how it works is important to maintaining your current system in good condition. Whether you are looking for a completely new system or hoping to maintain or repair your current unit, we at Howard Air are here to help, and we want you to understand how your system works.

3 Main HVAC System Functions

Here are the three main functions of your HVAC system and how they work.

3. Heating

The heating function of your HVAC system does just that – it heats your home. In most cases, this is done via a central heating system. The surrounding air enters the unit and is warmed by a heat pump furnace system. With a heat pump or warm air system, heat is distributed through a system of air ducts in the home.

2. Ventilation

The ventilation function of your HVAC system works to maintain the highest possible air quality inside your home. High air quality is achieved by ventilating air through a series of ducts and circulating the air back into the home. The air can be exchanged with outdoor air and/or circulated from air within the building. Your system will work on either forced/mechanical ventilation system or a natural ventilation system. Forced (mechanical) systems use an air handler to remove humidity and impurities from the air. Natural systems use the natural flow of the air pressure inside a room (moving from warm to cold or inside to outside) to ventilate the air.

1. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems are often misunderstood, as many believe they “cool” the air inside your home. In reality, the air conditioning function of your HVAC system works by removing humidity from the air, and then using a refrigeration system to remove heat from the air. This removal of moisture and heat creates a “cooling” effect. Air conditioning systems come in many different varieties, including a split air system (with indoor and outdoor parts and a series of ducts throughout your home) or a ductless system (which has indoor and outdoor parts, but no ducts throughout the home).
Howard Air

It may seem like a complicated system, but the basic three functions of your HVAC system are easy to understand when you break it down. The system works by drawing in outside air or circulating inside air, then ventilating that air, heating it (or removing heat and moisture from it) and then distributing that air back into the house.

There are many types of HVAC systems, and we at Howard Air are here to answer any questions you may have about them. Please contact us today to learn more about your HVAC system!