Visiting friends and neighbors in Phoenix is a good way to find all the examples of indoor air conditioning a house can have. Whether you run a Valley business or have settled in Carefree for a carefree retirement, four types of air conditioning are the kings of cooling.

Four Examples of Indoor Air Conditioning Systems

If in an air conditioned building, you’re likely have one of the following types of air conditioning systems to thank.

Howard Air - Split System A/C Unit

Split Systems

Your ace in the hole for central air conditioning, the split system is very common. One part of the equipment sits outside (the condenser coil, fan and compressor) and another component sits inside (the evaporator and cooling coil).

The cooling coil is joined to the ductwork (the same ductwork the furnace uses) of your home or business, and an air handler or blower moves cool, dehumidified air throughout your building. Plan to spend around $3,000 to $5,000 on a split system or single-unit system, says, or more if your home needs new ductwork.

Howard Air - Single-Unit A/C Unit

Single-Unit Systems

A packaged air conditioner puts all the components together, often on the roof or on concrete next to a foundation. Ductwork runs through the roof or wall, pulling building air out to the unit and returning cool air from the single unit.

These air conditioners offer flexibility, as you can add as many single units as you need for an expanding business, each unit working to cool one area.

Howard Air - Heat Pump A/C Unit

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are all heart; they can provide heating and cooling (within limits) so they offer year-round economy. A heat pump removes heat from your indoor air and pushes it outside in cooling mode. In heating mode, it gathers heat from outdoor air and blows it gently into your home.

Heat pumps cannot cool or heat to the extremes that central air conditioners and furnaces can, but for many Valley structures, heat pumps perform very well. An air-source heat pump will run between $2,500 to $7,500, according to

Howard Air - Mini Split System A/C Unit

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Clever, but not the joker in the deck, ductless mini-splits mount on a convenient exterior wall and allow for quick relief in home or business additions and in spaces previously difficult to cool. These are also the least expensive air conditioners but will only cool a limited area. puts the average cost at $3,000.

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