In our decades of experience with commercial HVACs and home comfort systems, we at Howard Air have frequently encountered the misconception that all air conditioners are the same.

Granted, they all move warm air from the inside of the property, condition it by extracting the heat from the air and delivering it outside and then circulating the resulting cool air throughout the inside space. However, they do so with varying levels of efficiency, which translates directly to your wallet.

Howar Air - Commercial Building Air Conditioner Intelligence Infographic

At Howard Air, we’ve helped the business owners and residents of Arizona keep their energy bills down without sacrificing comfort, and we’ve done so by recommending the best commercial AC units on the market for their properties and offices.

Commercial AC Units You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner that you can trust for commercial applications, take a closer look at the following manufacturers.

1. Carrier

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by Carrier

As certified Installers for the Carrier brand, we proudly stand behind this manufacturer’s excellent units. It’s a strong brand in commercial applications and offers units in a wide range of sizes to fit any business’s needs.

2. Trane

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by Trane

Trane units are very well-made and found regularly in commercial settings, where they’ve been known to provide vigorous cooling and operate efficiently for many years. The company has a very solid reputation with their commercial line.

3. York

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by York

Here at Howard Air, we have a lot of experience with York air conditioner units, as well. Their operational efficiency puts them on our short list of best AC units, although their simpler design means they don’t have as many features as some of the other units on this list.

4. Goodman

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by Goodman

Another solid contribution to commercial air conditioning, our technicians have had positive experiences with Goodman units. In addition to being reliable, they’re less costly than some comparable options. Solid performance and good customer service – you can’t go wrong with Goodman.

5. Lennox

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by Lennox

Lennox has a strong reputation as a brand and their AC units are noted for their reliability. They are generally more expensive than other brands and notably so with replacement parts, but are very solid units.

6. Rheem

Howard Air - Commercial Grad AC Unit by Rheem

Rheem air conditioning units differ from the other options – while the operation is good, their unique geometrical configuration makes their coils more prone to needing maintenance (as they can freeze up), and more difficult to clean than other units.

Howard Air

At Howard Air, we work on all these major national brands and others as well. We can diagnose any problems your AC unit has and work with you to determine if repairing or replacing the system is your best option. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate.