Nobody likes the cost of air conditioner repairs, but nobody likes living in Arizona without central air conditioning, either. At Howard Air, we know you and your family can benefit from lower AC repair costs by employing these five strategies.

Five Ways You Can Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs

If you’re not a fan of paying a lot of money to have your air conditioner fixed, here’s what you got to do:

  1. Trim Bushes, Trees & Vegetation
  2. Howard Air - 5 Tips to Help Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs: Trim

    Keep vegetation trimmed well away from the outside unit of your central air conditioning system. The compressor and condenser require constant, vigorous airflow. Impeded airflow can cause overheating of the outside unit and reduce cooling power inside. Any shrubbery, twigs, weeds or grass that block air flow or get sucked up into the fan blades can cause expensive repair bills.

  3. Replace Air Filters Regularly
  4. Howard Air - 5 Tips to Help Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs: Filter

    Swap out disposable air filters at least monthly during cooling season. If fortunate enough to have permanent air filters, clean them just as often. Clogged air filters make your system work harder. Overloaded filters can also allow particulates in the air to travel into the interior of your unit, leading to breakage in delicate parts or pitting on the evaporator coils. 

  5. Get an Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreement
  6. Howard Air - 5 Tips to Help Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs: Agreement

    Sign an annual HVAC maintenance agreement with a trusted local HVAC contractor like Howard Air. This ensures regular inspection and tune-ups so your system is always operating at peak efficiency. A trained technician can spot problems early when the repair charges will be smaller than they will be when something catastrophic occurs. 

  7. Keep Dust, Dander & Bugs Away
  8. Howard Air - 5 Tips to Help Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs: Dust

    Keep ductwork clean and free of debris to improve system performance and ensure the right flow of supply and return air. The amount of dirt, grit, debris and dead insects in your ductwork may surprise – or disgust – you. The air passing through your ducts is the air your family breathes. Remember, too, your home’s ductwork was sized to provide adequate air flow to all rooms, so dust and cobwebs impeding that flow cause your system to run inefficiently. 

  9. Get an Appointment Sooner Rather than Later
  10. Howard Air - 5 Tips to Help Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs: Appointment

    With central air conditioner repair, an early call is better than waiting to see if your system fixes itself. During busy cooling season, your call may put you anywhere from 11th to 30th place on a waiting list. While you can survive a few days without the cooling relief of central air conditioning, the sooner you call the sooner you see a service truck.

    Complex mechanical systems do not repair themselves; they only get progressively worse. Call early if you suspect even a small problem, such as:

    • An unusual smell;
    • Strange noises at start-up;
    • Quick on-and-off operation (called short-cycling, it wears out a system fast);
    • Visible liquid on the floor around the interior portion of your central air conditioner.

Howard Air

One service visit can keep a little repair from turning into a series of expensive, larger repair trips. Contact Howard Air today to schedule maintenance, get help diagnosing an AC problem or learn more about our economical and convenient annual maintenance plans.