If you are shopping for plug-in heaters for home use, you probably have a few cold spots in your home that just leave you… well, cold! Before we take a look at some outstanding models to consider, let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using plug-in heaters in your home.

Pros vs Cons of Plug-in Heaters

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of portable, plug-in heaters is that they can help warm a room simply by plugging into an outlet.

Plug-in Heater Pros:

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive compared to full central heating systems
  • Quick to heat up

Plug-in Heater Cons:

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home Cons
  • They can tip over
  • They must be kept some distance from flammables
  • They have very limited range
  • They are not energy efficient

No plug-in heater for home applications is intended to heat more than a small room, or even just a portion of a room. Be sure to inspect safety features, such as automatic shut-off, tip-over switches and other helpful innovations. Be very aware when your heater is on, and never fall asleep with a plug-in heater turned on.

Top Plug-in Heater Picks

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home: Lasko

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater has multiple heat settings and a remote control. Available through Amazon, this 1500-watt ceramic heater earns rave reviews with Amazon customers. It features widespread oscillation with a digital thermostat, LED display and an eight-hour timer.

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home: HowPlumb

HowPlumb Portable Space Heater

HowPlumb’s Portable Space Heater, also rated at 1,500 watts, comes in at about a quarter of the price of the Lasko heater while still garnering five stars on Amazon. It is only meant to heat 800 square feet (or 6,400 cubic feet). It has two heat settings and provides an adjustable thermostat. This pick has two nice kid-friendly features: a safety tip-over switch and automatic overheat protection system.

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home: Ivation

Ivation 1500-watt Digital Heater

Ivation’s 1500-Watt, six-element infrared quartz offering has a digital thermostat, remote control, a timer and air filter. This compact heater heats you, not the air (infrared only heats objects, not air). You can dial in preset heat programs, and the attractive case design blends with wood furniture.

Howard Air - Plug-in Heaters for Home: Pleasant Hearth

Pleasant Hearth Legacy Electric Stove

Pleasant Hearth’s Legacy Panoramic Electric Stove is a decorative 400-square-foot heater using a two-stage, fan-force blower. It simply plugs in and provides instant flame appearance, ember bed and 4,600 BTU of radiant warmth.

Have More Heating Questions? Ask Howard Air!

All of these plug-in heaters are great options for your home, but a central heating system that uses clean, safe fuels will certainly be the most effective option for keeping you warm. So if you’re tired of worrying about those cold spots and don’t want to invest in temporary fixes, contact Howard Air today to get a long-term solution to your heating needs.