With the triple digit temperatures and excessive heat warnings we have been experiencing across the Phoenix area this summer, many homeowners and business owners have found that their air conditioners just aren’t providing the results that they desire. Does your system need repair, or is it time to replace it with a newer model?  This age old question can be hard to answer on your own, but a Scottsdale air conditioning specialist can help.

The first step in deciding whether to repair or replace your equipment is to call a trusted heating and cooling company to have an expert take a look at your system and diagnose the problem. Calling a reputable service provider is vital, to ensure that you receive an honest and accurate opinion. Misdiagnosing the problem could lead you to pay thousands of dollars for replacement when a simple repair could have taken care of it.

If you are experiencing AC problems and aren’t sure whether to repair or replace, ask yourself these questions:

When was your system installed?

If your Phoenix AC system is 10-15 years old, it may be time to think about replacement. Newer technologies can offer greater energy efficiency and overall performance. Remember, energy efficiency=energy bill savings!

Are you consistently having problems with it?

If your system always seems to be breaking down and you are calling a repair service regularly, there may be a deeper issue and replacement may be in order.

Have your energy bills risen to astronomical levels?

While it isn’t uncommon for energy expenses to rise for other reasons, an inefficient system may require more energy to operate than usual, leading to an increased monthly bill.

Is it noisier than it used to be during operation?

If your system is very loud during operation, and it didn’t use to be, there may be an issue with the indoor coil or you may have an improperly sized duct system causing the excess sound.

While replacement is a costly investment, you can expect a number of benefits such as improved air quality, reduced energy bills as a result of increased energy efficiency, non-ozone -depleting refrigerants, a manufacturer warranty, and available rebates and tax incentives. Otherwise, your system may simply need repair for issues such as an improper refrigerant charge, leaks in the air ducts, clogged filters, or you may not have enough air returns to provide cool air throughout your space. A trustworthy Phoenix heating and air company can provide you with an honest, unbiased opinion. Having problems with your system now? Call Howard Air today to speak with an AC expert about our repair and installation services or systems options.