Howard Air - My AC is Running, But it's Not Cooling My House

If your air conditioner just can’t bring down the temperature to the number you plugged into your thermostat, there may be a few issues to investigate. Because we are getting close to the hot months in Arizona, it is imperative to make sure your AC is up and running efficiently. Performing AC maintenance tasks before summer can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, if your house won’t cool after running the air conditioner for an hour or longer you probably need professional cooling repair.

4 Reasons Why Your House isn’t Cooling When the AC is Running

Let’s review some of the reasons why your central air conditioner may be running without cooling down your home. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your AC problems.

1. Air Filtration Problems

Howard Air - My AC is Running, But it's Not Cooling My House - Filter

When’s the last time you changed your air filter? Thankfully this is a simple fix, but if you have an air filter that is dirty, it will restrict or slow down air flow. The cold air will not be able to circulate throughout your home. This can also cause your evaporator coil to freeze into a block of ice, also restricting air flow.

2. Outdoor Unit Airflow Problem

Howard Air - My AC is Running, But it's Not Cooling My House - Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is dirty or clogged by surrounding debris, this is another airflow problem. The indoor unit absorbs warm air and transfers it to the outdoor unit; so if the outdoor unit is unable to move that heat out of the system successfully, your indoor air won’t cool down. You can give your outdoor unit a gentle rinse and clear any natural plant trash surrounding the area.

3. Refrigerant Leak or Low Level

Howard Air - My AC is Running, But it's Not Cooling My House - Refrigerant

You may have a refrigerant leak, which means there may not be enough of this liquid needed to absorb the heat in the air. Refrigerant leaks can lead to freezing issues throughout the unit, which could ultimately damage your compressor. This is a perfect example of a small problem that could get costly if you not fixed early on.

4. Equipment Failure

Howard Air - My AC is Running, But it's Not Cooling My House - Equipment

A compressor or condenser fan motor that is broken or damaged can also lead to lukewarm air in the home. The condenser fan motor works to help move heated air out of the house, while the compressor cycles the coolant between the outdoor and indoor units. It is important to have a skilled technician look at these parts when cooling issues arise.

Get Professional Air Conditioner Help in Phoenix Today

You don’t have to address any of these issues alone if you aren’t comfortable. If your AC breaks this summer, call in professional help. Our team at Howard Air is delighted to assist you in improving the functionality of your AC system. You can save money by having simple maintenance tasks performed now, preventing more costly repairs in the future. Our goal is to provide excellent AC repair and HVAC repair services so you can be confident about staying cool in the coming summer months. Contact our team at Howard Air to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled HVAC contractors.