With this warm weather we have been experiencing, many have already resorted to turning on their Scottsdale air conditioning systems. Because winter’s mild temperatures may not have required your system to get much use over the last few months, you may already be experiencing problems with your unit. There are a number of reasons this may be the case, which you may be able to fix on your own. If the problem is more serious, we are here to help!

  • Clogged air filter: Over time, your air filter accumulates dirt and dust which can clog your system. A dirty air filter can cause your system to run inefficiently, so be sure to check it if your system is having trouble keeping up. Energy Star® recommends that you check your filter once a month1, and change it as you deem necessary.
  • Low refrigerant levels/refrigerant leaks: Your equipment manufacturer has exact specifications regarding the refrigerant charge for your specific system. If this level is not exact, your system may run inefficiently. A Howard Airtechnician can help you identify any leaks, and charge your system to the correct amount.
  • Drainage problems: The condensate drain on your AC unit can easily become misaligned or clogged, which can cause problems with the unit’s functionality. A HVAC specialist can assist in properly repairing the problem.
  • Electrical/Sensor Problems: Compressor and fan controls, and thermostat sensors can wear out over time. These problems can be easily identified and replaced by a trusted air conditioning professional.
  • Blocked airflow: Overgrown shrubs and debris can block the intake and airflow of your unit. Check the areas around your outside unit and clear away anything that may be an obstruction.

It is important to understand that you should never try to repair your unit on your own. Fountain Hills AC repair  should always be left to a professional in order to prevent further damage to your unit. One of the best ways to identify and prevent problems is with seasonal maintenance. We offer a number of maintenance plans to make service more convenient and affordable. If you are experiencing problems with your system, you have multiple options for scheduling service. You may fill out a service request form here on our website, or you can simply call 602.953.2766 to speak with someone directly.