The life of a Phoenix air conditioner is not kind, easy or long. Most central air conditioners survive 13 to 15 years in our desert environment. A central air conditioning system in a more temperate climate, such as Illinois or Oregon, may last more than 20 years.

Here’s How Your A/C is Likely to Stop Working

Here, though, we use air conditioning not just as a matter of comfort, but for survival. With daytime temperatures climbing above 100 degrees for most of the summer, for air conditioner service Phoenix homeowners are calling steadily all season long.

Factors Limiting Life Span

A central air conditioning system usually has two parts: an evaporator indoors and a condenser outdoors. The condenser is subjected to harsh extremes. It pumps home heat out through its coils and fan, yet it often is under blazing sun and high temperatures itself. Wind and sand pelts the cabinet, fan blades and coils.

Howard Air - How Often Do Air Conditioners Bread Down? Fact

The coils on the condenser are surprisingly fragile, so impacts from weed whackers or objects thrown from lawn mowers can greatly affect the unit’s efficiency. Remember, too, the condenser has a fan and fan motor, which can wear out.

Inside the home, the evaporator is almost always in a moist environment as it works to rid your home of humidity while also chilling the air passing over it. This means it can deteriorate from rust and corrosion. It also can attract mold and mildew, and the coils almost always get dirty. All these factors limit the evaporator’s life.

Add Years

Treat the two components as separate but equal parts. Keep debris away from the outside unit, respect it enough not to attack its outer grill with that weed whacker and mow to throw cuttings away from, not toward, the unit.

Replace the indoor air filters monthly, and this, too, will add to the life of the outside part. Get your system serviced at least annually (though twice a year is better).

For the indoor unit, keep the evaporator coils clean (commercial products are available) and ensure the condensate drain tube is clear and allowing water to flow. Consider duct cleaning if you notice your registers coughing out dust at start-up.

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