Understanding Your Central Heating System









In a recent paper published by Cornell University, the average national cost of central heating is 30 cents or more of every energy dollar. If your system seems to be working harder to accomplish the same job it once did, it may be a symptom of a larger problem that needs to be addressed. Understanding the basics of your central heating system will help you troubleshoot problems and keep your unit operating smoothly.
Two Basic Types
Central heating units work by moving air or liquids through conduits. In a fluid system, the heat is distributed via radiators. The fluid is usually [...]

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Top Five Central Heating Problems

There are several heating problems that you may experience this winter in the Phoenix area. Regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems will help to alleviate these problems, but problems can still occur. Here are five of the top issues why your central heating may not be working and what to do in these situations.
Pilot Light
If you turn on your heating system and there is no response, check the pilot light immediately. Gas heaters should always have a pilot light burning even if the heating system is not in use. This is the same for your [...]

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How to Cut Your Home Heating Bill

At Howard Air, we know how expensive those home heating bills can be, so we’d like to share of few ways to hold on to some much needed holiday green.
We’ve identified nine nuisance areas that can cost serious home heating dough.

Less than wonderful weather stripping
Missing or worn weather stripping around doors and windows can be enough to make anyone crank up the heat. Be sure to pull off and replace weather stripping every few years.

Thresholds with a view
Visible daylight under your entryway doors means they’re too high, and heat is leaking out into the wild gray [...]

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Home Heating Safety Tips

At Howard Air, we want all of our customers to be not only comfortable, but also safe. While everyone wants to save money on heating bills, it is also a high priority to ensure that families are safe. When the weather outside gets chilly and home heating becomes necessary, we have several home heating tips for you to keep in mind in order to keep your family both warm and safe.
Run Regular Inspections
In order to ensure that your heating system is running safely and efficiently, we recommend that you have a qualified professional come to your home [...]

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    Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Is In Need Of Repair

Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Is In Need Of Repair

With summer temperatures frequently topping 110°F, it’s no surprise that most Valley of the Sun residents rely on an air conditioning system to help them keep cool. These systems experience heavy usage and even with proper maintenance they can sometimes experience performance issues.
How To Diagnose Your AC
If you notice that your air conditioning system is showing signs of needing service or repair, it is important that you have it looked at by an expert. A simple glitch today can quickly develop into a more expensive problem if left unchecked.

Let’s take a look at five warning signs that [...]

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Why You Need a Second Opinion on AC Repairs

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on major home repairs, especially air conditioning repairs. At Howard Air, we believe that AC repairs should only be made when necessary. We do not insist on costly repairs when you don’t need them. We are available for a second opinion on any quote you may have from other companies. We also invite you to seek a second opinion on our recommendations.

Howard Air has served the Valley of the Sun for more than 30 years and we always present our valued customers with an honest estimate of AC repairs [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Heating Repair

It’s hard to think about cooler weather being on its way as we head into fall, but soon we’ll be feeling those chilly nights in the Phoenix area and racing to turn our heaters on. If you had problems with your heater last year and have been putting off any needed repairs, now is the best time to take care of it. Delaying a needed heating repair can be costly and jeopardize your family’s safety and comfort if your heater completely breaks down.
Heaters Do Not Magically Repair Themselves
Have you ever turned on your heater and heard a strange [...]

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    Know What to Look for in a Qualified, Trustworthy AC Technician

Know What to Look for in a Qualified, Trustworthy AC Technician

While the worst of the Arizona summer is finally over, there are still plenty of hot days left in the year. That fact means that your HVAC system has been through quite of an ordeal over the past three months and still has plenty of work to do. Now, is the time to get a post-season check-up on it to make sure that it continues to operate reliably and efficiently when next summer comes along.

Here are a few tips on how to find a qualified and trustworthy AC technician to help you accomplish this important task.
Compare pricing
As August [...]

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New Federal Study Quantifies Efficiency Losses Due To Improper HVAC Installation​

New Federal Study Quantifies Efficiency Losses Due To Improper HVAC Installation​

October 15, 2014

ACCA, the nation’s largest association of indoor environmental systems professionals, announces the availability of a new report, which confirms that HVAC equipment requires a quality installation (QI) in order to perform at rated efficiency. The research, undertaken by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), found that substantial equipment efficiency is lost due to design and installation deficiencies. The NIST report presents faulty practices commonly-performed by contractors and details the resultant additional energy consumption.

The recently-published report is the culmination of a three-year [...]

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