fixing heater

It’s hard to think about cooler weather being on its way as we head into fall, but soon we’ll be feeling those chilly nights in the Phoenix area and racing to turn our heaters on. If you had problems with your heater last year and have been putting off any needed repairs, now is the best time to take care of it. Delaying a needed heating repair can be costly and jeopardize your family’s safety and comfort if your heater completely breaks down.

Heaters Do Not Magically Repair Themselves

Have you ever turned on your heater and heard a strange noise coming from it? It may start out as a little noise and it could be something minor such as a part just starting to wear out. There is a good possibility that if you just ignore the sound, it isn’t going to go away or fix itself. The earlier a problem is caught, the less expensive the heating repair solution might be. Left unchecked, the problem can expand to other parts or processes within your heater.

Preventing a Dangerous Situation from Occurring

Delaying a heating repair can mean taking a chance with your family’s safety. Depending upon the severity of the problem, there is the possibility that your heater can start a fire in your home or leak carbon monoxide fumes into your home. Depending upon the level and length of exposure to carbon monoxide in the air, this odorless and tasteless gas can cause severe injuries and even death to you and your family. Having your heater repaired at the first sign of a problem will help prevent these tragedies from occurring.

Pay a Little Now or a Lot Later

Much like a car, a heater that receives regular maintenance will last longer than one that does not receive such service. With regular service, issues such as wear and tear can be caught sooner. This helps prevent having to replace your heater sooner than normally expected. An added benefit to consider is that a heater operating at its peak efficiency will also help keep your heating costs in check throughout its useful life.

At Howard Air, we recommend that all our customers have a yearly tune-up on their heater before the cooler weather arrives. This helps ensure that your heater is ready to be used when you need it. This service helps to identify potential problems and any needed heating repair that should be done before putting your heater to work for the season. This small investment in your home’s heating system can help you save money and avoid discomfort in the long run. Take time to schedule your heating repair or preventive maintenance tune-up with Howard Air today.