Air Conditioning Installation PhoenixAs Thanksgiving nears this week, it is becoming more evident that fall is fully underway. Cooler temperatures have already made an appearance, and many were forced to turn on the central heating systems in their homes as a result. Soon winter weather will be here and your heating system will get more use. That is why now is the ideal time to allow a Scottsdale heating repair company to perform preventative maintenance on your furnace or heat pump. Why? Because…

It saves you money.

When an HVAC professional performs maintenance, your furnace will be cleaned, inspected, and fine-tuned for best operation. This allows your heating system to operate at maximum efficiency, which therefore means that less energy is used. When you use less energy, you save significantly on your monthly heating bills!

It prevents breakdowns.

Your heating system has likely sat unused for many, many months. As a result, there may be issues present that you are not aware of yet. As time passes and your system is used, the issue may progress and lead to the need for costly Phoenix heating and air repair. An experienced technician will catch these problems during maintenance and prevent the need for repair, or even premature system replacement.

It improves indoor air quality.

So it’s been a while since you used the heating system in your home. Can you imagine how much dust, dirt, and other particles have settled within? When you turn on your heat for the first time this season, the blower inside your furnace will circulate these particles through your home for your family to inhale. During maintenance, your technician will thoroughly clean your system to prevent this from happening.

It’s a safety precaution.

Fire and carbon monoxide incidents are a serious safety hazard, especially for those with a gas furnace. Your maintenance technician can inspect your system to ensure that everything is operating as it should be, and may also install a carbon monoxide detector if one is not already present in your home.

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