Life in Arizona is great – we enjoy the beautiful outdoors, magnificent sunsets, abundant sunshine and more. Unfortunately, folks living and working in the Phoenix area also tolerate some extremely poor air quality.

Arizona air quality has always had some natural challenges, which is why the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (AZDEQ) exists to protect Phoenicians and others statewide, but those problems have grown in recent years.

A Little History

What You Need to Know About Arizona Air Quality: EPA

Since at least 1990, Phoenix has been on many air quality organizations’ radar for its poor outdoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency has charted Phoenix’s air quality since 1990 and identifies both coarse and fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM25) as major problems. The American Lung Association routinely gives Phoenix a grade of “F” in its annual reports.

With growing development and continued commerce, Arizona’s air quality has only worsened over time. Today you can get an up-to-the-minute report from the AZDEQ that quantifies your risks from four major pollutants:
1. Carbon monoxide (CO)
2. Ozone (O3)
3. Particulate matter 10 micrometers and greater in diameter
4. Particulate matter 2.5 micrometers and greater in diameter

Our unique geography forces heavy pollutants in the air to drop into the Valley area, while sprawl and Arizona’s natural attraction increases vehicle traffic. Though many people have moved to Arizona for health reasons, they bring with them a desire for familiar plants from “back home,” driving patterns they enjoy, and other activities that add to our outdoor air quality woes.

Indoor Respite

What You Need to Know About Arizona Air Quality: Feature

For anyone facing respiratory issues, compromised immune or pulmonary systems, or severe allergies, Arizona’s air quality may drive them indoors. With careful installation and maintenance of HVAC systems, the indoor air quality in your business or home can be greatly improved.

By combining expert air duct cleaning with conscientious annual maintenance of your system’s filtration, you can greatly improve your indoor air and drive down symptoms of allergies, pollutants and eye irritants.
Howard Air’s trained technicians can assess the current condition of your ducts in your home or office, evaluate your HVAC filters and expertly clean both. We use state-of-the-art vacuum and brush systems on your ductwork. We use a full array of antimicrobial agents to keep permanent air filters clean, and we carry most sizes of disposable air filters on our trucks.

You have few options for changing the outside air quality of Arizona, but you can partner with Howard Air to get your ducts cleaned in your home or business. Contact Howard Air today to learn more about air duct cleaning, and to schedule an appointment so everyone can breathe easier.