Vote For Howard Air! – Ranking Arizona
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Hello Everyone!  We have a quick favor to ask. We are asking all of our fans and customers to please vote for Howard Air in the Air Conditioning/Heating categoryon the Ranking Arizona website.

Voting is open each quarter of the year and at the end of the year, the company with the most votes in their category(s) for all quarters combined, is listed as #1 in the Ranking Arizona Book of lists. This book shares the top 10 companies in each category for all of Phoenix. Categories range for almost every type of business. Below are the directions on how to vote. Please take the time to help us out in reaching our goal and vote us to the number one spot this year!
Note: You can only vote once per quarter with each email address. You can vote with as many email addresses as you have but again, only once per quarter. Feel free to share this page with any family/friends/neighbors to help our effort!

1. Visit:
2. Click the bubble for “To Vote Search by name”
3. In the open field type in –   Howard Air   – and hit enter. Wait a second and a drop down of our three listings will appear for you to choose from. You may vote for all three categories if you wish but our main focus is on the Air Conditioning/Heating category.
4. Once you have chosen a drop down option, a new field will appear for you to type in your email address – type it in! You can use as many email addresses as you want!
5. Select the “Cast my vote” button
6. You have successfully voted — now if you want to vote for additional categories or repeat your vote with different email addresses, select the button that says “Vote for another company” and repeat the process.
We are very appreciative of your help in reaching our goal. We will announce next year when we find out how we did and let you know where we ranked. Thanks again and have a great day!!