There are several heating problems that you may experience this winter in the Phoenix area. Regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems will help to alleviate these problems, but problems can still occur. Here are five of the top issues why your central heating may not be working and what to do in these situations.

5 Problems Home Heaters Often Face

If you’re having heating problems, start here:

1. Pilot Light

If you turn on your heating system and there is no response, check the pilot light immediately. Gas heaters should always have a pilot light burning even if the heating system is not in use. This is the same for your gas hot water heater.

2. Gas Line Issues

Gas line problems may be the reason your heater is not working well. Lines into the house must be carefully checked. If you believe there is a problem with your gas line, contact the provider right away.

3. Blocked Air Duct

Partial heat may be the result of blocked ductwork. All ducts should be checked regularly for buildup of dirt and even insects and rodents. A HVAC specialist should be called in to clear all ductwork if there are blockages. You may also have leaks in the ductwork that allow heat to escape.

4. Closed Vent

Never close off a room you are not using from heat or air conditioning, especially if you have a forced air system. This only makes your system work harder and it uses more energy to try to heat the closed-off room. This can cause heating system problems. Keep the vent slightly open to allow heated air to pass into the room. Your heater will work more efficiently.

5. Thermostat

Always check your thermostat if you experience heating problems. Make sure it is on and at the right setting. Thermostats are usually set at a temperature such as 70 degrees in the winter. The heat will turn on and off based on the house temperature. When the room reaches a set temperature, the heater turns off automatically if the thermostat is working correctly. If the thermostat is old or not working correctly, it is likely well-worth replacing. The newer programmable thermostats are designed to save energy and reduce your heating (and cooling) costs.

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