Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

The Best Residential Furnace for Your Home

Desert-dwelling Phoenicians may not have a lot of experience with buying furnaces, but January nights can dip down to the low 40s, says RSS Weather, and during those times you will be glad you have the best residential furnace you can get. Except… which [...]

What is the Cost of a New Gas Furnace?

Furnaces will eventually have problems and their life-expectancy will run short. When this happens, you have two choices: (i) repair the furnace or (ii) buy a new one. With a used car, you get the chance to look under the hood, kick the tires and [...]

The Most Common High-Efficiency Furnace Prices

An old furnace can be very expensive. Keeping a gas furnace in your home – when new, high-efficiency gas models are available – can cost you thousands in unnecessary fuel costs, repair work, and annual upkeep. 

High-Efficiency versus Standard Models

Gas furnaces today are far superior in wise use [...]