Air Conditioning

How Often Do Air Conditioners Break Down in Arizona?

The life of a Phoenix air conditioner is not kind, easy or long. Most central air conditioners survive 13 to 15 years in our desert environment. A central air conditioning system in a more temperate climate, such as Illinois or Oregon, may last more [...]

Air Conditioning Actually Makes Phoenix Hotter

To say Phoenix, Arizona is “hot” is like saying rain is wet. If you’ve ever lived here or visited, you know that the “dry heat” argument holds little weight when it’s 115 degrees in the shade. But what might not be so obvious to [...]

Why You Should Have Scottsdale Heating Maintenance

As Thanksgiving nears this week, it is becoming more evident that fall is fully underway. Cooler temperatures have already made an appearance, and many were forced to turn on the central heating systems in their homes as a result. Soon winter weather will be [...]

Tips for Reducing Carefree Heating & Cooling Bills

Living in a subtropical desert climate leaves locals relying on their Carefree air conditioning systems for a majority of the year. Unfortunately, this can also leave them with overwhelming monthly energy expenses. We thought it would be a good idea to compile some great [...]