Howard Air - Sonoran Palms Apartments No A/C, No Water


You know the relief that comes with opening your front door and stepping into a temperature-controlled home? We all take it for granted from time to time. A recent water and air conditioning outage at a local Mesa apartment complex was a hot, dry reminder for dozens of area residents that without water and air conditioning, life is a lot less pleasant.

Sonoran Palms Apartments

The residents at Sonoran Palms apartments have lost essential services before, and the laundry list of regular functions limited by the outage is very, very long. Residents were unable to brush their teeth, take showers, or even wash their hands. Dirty dishes were piled in sinks and dirty laundry on floors, and the biggest complaint was, of course, the oppressive heat.

Residents complained that the temperatures inside their poorly-ventilated units were soaring into the 90s. With no relief in sight, they were concerned about more than just comfort. Health and safety of children, pets, and the elderly is a serious risk when the temperatures climb, and there are even risks to your home! When exposed to oppressive heat over time, your electronics, wood floors, furniture, and windows can warp permanently.

What frustrates us about this outage is that it was completely preventable. At Howard Air, we know that with proper maintenance and service, people like the residents of this Mesa apartment community can be spared the stress and expense of coming home to find dangerously hot apartments.

AC Maintenance

In Arizona, our climate demands that air conditioning systems be regularly serviced and maintained to avoid failures like the type experienced at Sonoran Palms. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends it, and your air conditioning manufacturer likely requires it in order to maintain the validity of your warranty. You need our “no breakdown” guarantee, and you need it well before the oppressive summer months.

In Mesa and the rest of the Valley of the Sun, air conditioning repair is an essential service and we’re proud to provide our community with fast, responsive solutions to breakdowns. We know you’re concerned about your comfort and safety, and we want to get your home and your family cooled down quickly.

Howard Air

We don’t like to hear about our community members suffering through needless AC outages! Howard Air is committed to providing our customers with consistently excellent customer service, professionalism, and most importantly – the industry expertise that you need to keep cool in our hot, desert climate. Call us today at (623) 201-5153, or click here to email us, and let’s talk about how you can be sure to stay cool and comfortable this summer, and every summer.