Living in a subtropical desert climate leaves locals relying on their Carefree air conditioning systems for a majority of the year. Unfortunately, this can also leave them with overwhelming monthly energy expenses. We thought it would be a good idea to compile some great tips for reducing energy consumption, in order to help our customers reduce their summer utility bills. Check them out below, and take the time to try them and take advantage of the savings they can provide.

HVAC Tune-up- Of course, our first tip is to have an HVAC professional provide your system with a tune-up. These services make sure that your system is clean and functioning as properly and efficiently as possible, which will allow your system to operate with the use of less energy. This equates into savings for you! For your convenience, Howard Air offers planned maintenance agreements that offer additional benefits such as discounted, priority service, and 5% off system replacements!

Upkeep for Your Unit- Clogged systems have to work harder, which cost more to operate. In order to maintain a clean, efficient system, we recommend checking your air filters every month, and changing them as you deem them to be dirty. Energy Star recommends changing them every three months, at least1. Debris such as grass, leaves, and shrubs can also clog your outdoor unit so be sure to clear anything away, and blow grass away from the unit when mowing.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat- Adjustable thermostats are easy and affordable options for managing the temperature in your home, and ultimately saving money. You can program your thermostat to turn down the AC while you and your family are away at school and work so as to not waste cool air on an empty home. Your Paradise Valley heating and cooling specialist help you choose one. You can also adjust your thermostat manually each day, and keep the blinds and curtains closed to keep out the heat of the sun as well.

Utility Rebate Programs- Your local utility provider may also offer incentives for implementing energy saving measures. These include upgrading to energy efficient appliances, getting an adjustable thermostat, and even for adding shade screens to windows. You can find programs offered by providers in your area at

Ready to get started? Call Howard Air in Scottsdale to inquire about our maintenance plans and adjustable thermostat options, or to inquire about upgrading to a more energy efficient system. We are standing by to take your call!


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