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Rejuvenation 101

Rejuvenation 101


Rejuvenation 101 (10+ yrs.)


Get the most out of your air conditioning and heating system. This package was designed for older systems in disrepair. With this package, componethe system are removed and brought back to the Howard Air facility for reconditioning. Some major components are serviced, repaired, or even replaced under this plan. All low voltage wiring is checked and re-sleeved, refrigerant lines are checked and tested for leaks or poor insulation and we will flush your water heater as a part of this package.

Plan Benefits:

  • 20 % OFF Parts
  • 2-Year replacement part warranty
  • 15% OFF System Enhancements
  • 5-Year system enhancement warranty
  • Priority service – 365 Days a Year
  • No diagnostic charge on repairs under $250
  • No overtime charges
  • Pre-Season/Priority Scheduling (September – October) (March – April)
  • Maximum performance, efficiency
  • Warranty compliance requirements met
  • Available for all major brands
  • Factory authorized technicians

Service Highlight:

  • Test refrigerant piping and insulation
  • Test low voltage wiring and sleeve (replace as needed)
  • Replace Humidifier pad
  • Service Air Exchanger
  • Seal Air Leaks at Main System
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Clean/replace insulation at the indoor cabinet
  • Replace Armaflex insulation