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Optimum 90

Optimum 90


Optimum 90 (9-10 yrs.)


This plan introduces important points of maintenance for your ductwork system and more. Isolation pads are changed to ensure minimal vibration and sound from the equipment. Return and main ductwork is all checked and sealed. The blower housing assembly is cleaned and more.

Plan Benefits:

  • 15% OFF Parts
  • 2-Year replacement part warranty
  • 15% OFF System Enhancements
  • 5-Year system enhancement warranty
  • Priority service– 365 Days a Year
  • No diagnostic charge on repairs under $250
  • No overtime charges
  • Pre-Season/Priority Scheduling (September – October) (March – April)
  • Maximum performance, efficiency
  • Warranty compliance requirements met
  • Available for all major brands
  • Factory authorized technicians

Service Highlight:

  • Seal return air filter frame
  • Clean blower wheel and housing
  • Evaporative coil cleaning
  • Seal main ductwork connections
  • Replace isolation pads
  • Replace batteries
  • Service any electronic air cleaner