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Deluxe 80

Deluxe 80


Deluxe 80 (6-8 yrs.)


As air conditioning systems age it’s important to check and maintain a larger list or items. Once a system is at 6 years of serviceable life, it’ s going to have a number of components that have gone through years of wear and tear and now require more attention and maintenance to keep them in good working order. This plan allows us to ensure your system is working at peak performance efficiency providing you with continued comfort and cost savings.

Plan Benefits:

  • 15% OFF Parts>
  • 2-Year replacement part warranty>
  • 10% OFF System Enhancements>
  • 5-Year system enhancement warranty>
  • Priority service – 365 Days a Year>
  • No diagnostic charge on repairs under $250>
  • No overtime charges>
  • Pre-Season/Priority Scheduling(September – October) (March – April)>
  • Maximum performance, efficiency>
  • Warranty compliance requirements met>
  • Available for all major brands>
  • Factory authorized technicians>

Service Highlight:

  • Chemical clean outdoor coil>
  • Service and tighten ac breaker main panel>
  • Service any electronic air cleaner>
  • Test all Gas major components (Rollout, high temp, flue piping)>
  • Test printed circuit board>
  • Test reversing valve>
  • Test defrost controls>