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Air Flow Evaluation

Air Flow Evaluation


Air Flow Evaluation


Indoor Air Flow Evaluation

A highly trained ductwork designer comes out to the home and conducts a thorough evaluation of the equipment from the perspective of an install, surveying the duct system and layout to discuss your core needs and concerns in order to best provide a solution. A diagnostic cost of $199 is credited towards the cost of the repair.

Blower Door Test

Did you know the average home has as much air leakage as a 2-foot square hole? That’s like leaving a medium-sized window open 24 / 7! To identify areas where the air is leaking from your home, technicians will employ a blower door test to help determine your home’s overall airtightness. A calibrated fan will be mounted to an exterior door on your home to create a depressurization vacuum. The vacuum uses air drafts to identify building envelope leaks and connectivity between spaces in your home. By simulating the effects of a 20 MPH wind throughout the interior of the home, this identifies where your comfort system leaks air into the atmosphere. These leaks can be sealed to prevent further energy loss and save you money on your next utility bill.