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Furnace and Heater Tune-Up

If your system seems to be running poorly

there are some initial steps you can take to see if immediate repair is needed. Check to make sure the power source is working correctly, including any circuits that might have been tripped. If your system has a reset function, you can try a reset after the motor has cooled off. Gas units could be out of gas, or the pilot light could be out. Instead of a power source problem, a simple issue to check is the thermostat itself. The setting could be incorrect, or the unit could be turned off. If all of these easy checks are running correctly, it is time to put in a call to your heating and air company for a service call.

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In order for your home to remain at your desired comfort level, regular maintenance must be carried out. By joining the Howard AirCare age-based maintenance program, Howard Air will come out twice a year to ensure your unit(s) are ready for the upcoming season.

Tune-Up Process

Tuning up your system should be a regular occurrence if your goals are to have efficiency in the short term and to maximize the life expectancy of the system in the long term. During a tune-up of your furnace, the technician will perform multiple functions by completing a checklist of items.

The checklist includes items that make sure your system is not experiencing any immediate issues as well as items that will allow a currently well-maintained system to remain that way:

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  • Physical inspection

The technician looks for physical signs that the furnace is damaged or has started to show the potential for future problems, such as worn areas, cracks, or tears in the lines.


  • Thourough cleaning and lubricating

A major part of the maintenance process is the cleaning of the
system. Even an efficient system will collect dust and dirt over time, which can lead to buildup on any of the parts, including the fan blades, blower, the exterior of the unit, and the lines that drain
condensation. A professional is needed to clean the coil of the unit because it is difficult to reach and clean properly without damaging other parts of the system. If the lubrication on the motor parts has started to dry out, they can be lubricated during the cleaning process to prevent future motor damage.


  • Performance and safety testing.

Once the system has been cleaned and physically inspected, a
more thorough inspection takes place in the form of testing. If there are any leaks or fumes, furnaces have the potential to be dangerous. Some of the tests include the flow of air through the system, the fuel pressure, the accuracy of the thermostat, and the proper functioning of the pilot or ignitor. Other advanced tests can also be completed, such as the use of a computerized diagnostic evaluating tool to see if anything has been missed.

Repairing and Replacing the System

During the tune-up process, some minor repairs can be completed at the same time. Other more
extensive repairs, such as parts that need to be replaced, need to be scheduled for a later date. In the case of a system that is in poor condition and cannot easily be repaired, a replacement may be
recommended. In some cases, a system that is extremely outdated may not be repairable, or the cost to repair it could be more than a new, more efficient system. Your technician can help set you up with a consultation so you can learn more about your ideal replacement and installation options.



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Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up

Regularly scheduled heater maintenance is the key to keeping your furnace running most efficiently. If you are due for a tune-up, contact Howard Air today to set up an appointment for service or to ask any questions you have about your system.