Mildew and mold are serious threats to the wellbeing of your air conditioning system. They spread quickly, pose health risks, and are not always eradicated by normal HVAC repair work. AC repair companies can remove fungus from your evaporator and blower during regular preventative maintenance, but you also have to consider the ducts.

Mold Facts Infographic

Home Mold Statistics & Facts Infographic

6 Steps to Mold Removal

Air duct cleaning is an important part of regular HVAC maintenance. Because your air ducts go through your house, they can spread fungi to every room and contaminate everything you own. Here are some of the common steps you can take if your system has been contaminated by mold.

#1 Turn Your Air Conditioner Unit off

To perform a deep clean, you’ll need to stop all the moving parts. This also helps make sure air flow won’t spread the contaminants faster than you can clean them up.

#2 Wear Protection

Everyone in the area should wear important respiratory protection. Cleaning the mildew will create airborne particles that you can inhale if you aren’t careful. Gloves and trash bags help too.

#3 Dispose of Contaminated Materials

Filters, insulation, and anything else that can get wet has to go. We recommend double-bagging the waste to make sure it doesn’t make a mess or spread the problem to anything else.

#4 Clear Standing Water

If you have any standing water in your system, use a wet vac to get rid of it. Be extremely thorough on this step to make sure you leave nothing behind. Remaining mold will spread again quickly and undo all your work.

#5 Kill the Germs

Use disinfectants with EPA approval to get rid of mold, mildew, and bacteria. To prevent the problem from coming back, you will have to get to every surface including individual parts inside your unit. Try to section off areas as you clean them, so airborne particles don’t spread. Disinfectant fog can help contain the problem.

#6 Take Preventative Measures

To stop the problem from returning, use mold inhibitors to keep your system from developing the same problem all over again. You should also use an industrial vacuum in every area you worked on to ensure top cleanliness.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning is Guaranteed

Unless you have significant experience with this type of job, it can be anywhere from difficult to impossible to treat this problem yourself. A professional air conditioner contractor is much more likely to eliminate mold in your house successfully. Howard Air uses the best cleaners, equipment, and processes in the HVAC industry to get your home mold-free and keep it that way. Contact us today to test your home’s air quality and start breathing easier.