Desert and Cactus in the Snow

Here in the Valley of the Sun, we probably spend more time playing outdoors than we do worrying about what winter may bring. Our winters are brief, to be sure, but some of our lows can be quite chilly. With an average of just under 300 sunny days per year, it might not seem as though much thought need be given to heating our homes, but when the desert temps drop below 50 degrees, residents in and around Phoenix scramble to turn on the heat.

Home heating systems don’t get the same amount of use in southern Arizona as in many other areas of the country, but when you need your HVAC system to keep your home warm and comfortable on a cold desert night, you want a system you can rely on. Although it may seem like Phoenix is the place of endless summers, properly preparing your HVAC system to handle winter’s chilly temperatures can save you money in costly repairs.

At Howard Air, we believe in being prepared. Homeowners in and around greater Phoenix have trusted Howard Air with their home comfort for more than 30 years. When you need HVAC maintenance, service, or replacement, count on Howard Air.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Here are some important steps to take to prepare your HVAC system for the Phoenix winter.

Replace Your Filters 

Know your HVAC system manufacturer’s recommendation for filter changes and replace filters accordingly. Dust and dirt can clog your filter, making it difficult for the air to circulate. Your furnace needs to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, and the components can wear out sooner than they should. A new filter not only improves your indoor air quality, but your HVAC system’s performance will improve as well.

Check Your Thermostat

Older thermostats can lose their accuracy over time, causing your HVAC system to work overtime. A faulty thermostat can cycle on and off repeatedly, driving up utility costs and taxing your home’s heating system. If you suspect a faulty thermostat, or your thermostat has seen better days, consider updating to one of the newer, digital models. Go with a programmable thermostat for even better energy savings.

Examine Vents 

It may seem obvious, but check your vents to make sure nothing is blocking the air flow. Vacuum both intake and out-flow vents for maximum efficiency. Should you notice a lack of airflow coming from your out-flow vents, and there is no obvious blockage, contact the professionals at Howard Air right away. You may need professional service to unclog your ductwork.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

The key to a healthy and reliable HVAC system is maintenance. Just like routine maintenance keeps your car running at its best, maintaining your home heating system ensures that you and your family will stay comfortable all winter. Professional maintenance can also alert you to small problems before they become large-and costly-issues. 

With Howard Air’s professional maintenance, not only will you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home will weather the chilly Phoenix winter temperatures, but you’ll also have the confidence of our NO Breakdown Guarantee. We’re so sure of our maintenance and repairs that should your system fail to keep you and your family comfortable this winter, we’ll make the necessary repairs free of charge.

Make sure your home heating system is prepared for winter weather, no matter how short the season. Contact Howard Air for a thorough inspection and maintenance service today. Winter can get cold, even in the Valley of the Sun.