Family of Feet warming at a fireplace

At Howard Air, we know how expensive those home heating bills can be, so we’d like to share of few ways to hold on to some much needed holiday green.

We’ve identified nine nuisance areas that can cost serious home heating dough.

  1. Less than wonderful weather stripping

    Missing or worn weather stripping around doors and windows can be enough to make anyone crank up the heat. Be sure to pull off and replace weather stripping every few years.

  2. Thresholds with a view

    Visible daylight under your entryway doors means they’re too high, and heat is leaking out into the wild gray yonder. Adjust threshold screws to alter height: A little light should show in the corners, but daylight should be mostly gone. (No dragging the threshold, either.)

  3. Breezy outlet boxes

    Outlet boxes are notorious for drafts as insulating behind them is often neglected.  Fill gaps with caulk or spray foam, adding a foam gasket so heating bills don’t zap you.   

  4. Pesky pipe holes

    Holes around pipes, gas lines, and cables should also be filled to keep heated air from leaking out.

  5. Overlooked insulation issues

    Missing and insufficient insulation in attics and in attic access doors, can be the cause of heat leaks

  6. Chilly chimneys

    Open or leaky chimney flues can cost up to $100 per year in lost home heating. At $50, a chimney balloon is an easy solution that pays for itself twice over.

  7. Neglected heating systems

    Routine professional maintenance helps home heating systems run more efficiently, identifying pesky problems, extending their life, and lowering bills.

  8. Dilapidated ducts

    At Howard Air, we know how common leaky ductwork is – and how much it can add up: losing 20-30% of conditioned air in the typical house. Take a gander at the ductwork in your attic and give us a call to ensure leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts are properly addressed.

  9. Ancient thermostats

    Doing our regular work with customers, we have seen some thermostats that belong in museums. Today’s programmable thermostats have a lot to offer our homes, automatically turning down the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day, and saving 10% or more on home heating bills. Ranging in price from $25 to $250 for Smart Learning thermostats, there’s a model out there for everyone.

Controlling heating bills doesn’t have to cause frostbite. Stay toasty with the help of Howard Air today. Please contact us for home heating repair or to answer any home heating questions you may have.