When you see advertising for duct-cleaning services, do you ever ask yourself, “Exactly how are air ducts cleaned?” Many folks in Arizona rightly pride themselves on having a can-do attitude. What can a professional company like Howard Air do that you cannot do for yourself?

The Need for Duct Cleaning

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If you are not certain of the need for air duct cleaning, you may need a little convincing that the dirty air ducts in your Phoenix-area home are wasting energy and costing you money. Consider, though:

  1. Clogged air ducts rob your furnace and central air conditioner of full efficiency and air flow;
  2. Clogged ducts may have insect parts, rodent droppings and other biological contaminants in them;
  3. Dirty air ducts may increase family members’ allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Do It Yourself?

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If you look up “how to clean air ducts” on the internet, you will find countless pages asking you to open up access panels, stick your head inside your ducts and vacuum them out. This may work for the few areas you can reach, even if you have to pop off registers and vent covers, but it does nothing for the vast majority of the cubic footage of your ductwork.

By enlisting the help of trusted professionals like Howard Air, you can avoid trying to get inside your ducts to do the job yourself. You will also get better results by leaving duct cleaning in the hands of trained professionals.

How the Pros Do It

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Professional duct cleaning begins with having the right equipment. Using specially made blowers, vacuums and brushes, our technicians can get to every part of your home’s ductwork. The best way to remove dust, insect parts, droppings and other allergens is through negative pressure — literally sucking the dirt, grime and dust from the interior surfaces of your ducts and into our vacuums.

The other aspect of professional duct cleaning is the extensive training our technicians receive. They know cleaning the ducts is one part of the complete picture. Our trained technicians will clean your system’s air filters at the same time, providing a complete service unmatched by amateurs.

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Have Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned Today!

If you have concerns about indoor air quality, family medical issues, or wear and tear on your central air conditioner and furnace, contact Howard Air today. We can explain our methods and set up an appointment to get you breathing right. Be sure to ask about our duct-cleaning specials!