If your Phoenix-area home was built without a furnace, it probably has no ductwork. Ductwork is essential for central air conditioning and most heat pumps. Ductless systems can be added to your home, but for the full force and cool comfort of air conditioning, you need ducted air conditioning.

This means, naturally, you need to know the price of ducted air conditioning. To avoid any awkward situations and to keep your negotiating edge, knowing ducted air conditioning prices before talking with an HVAC contractor is a good strategy.

Price for New Ducted Air Conditioning System

Here are some averages from trusted online sources.

National Averages

For a glimpse at national average estimates, we can turn to a clever site like HomeAdvisor, which gives us these figures for duct installation:

Howard Air - Price for Ducted A/C System: USA
  • Low cost: $200 (this makes absolutely no sense unless you are running ductwork in a garden shed)
  • High cost: $3,500 (this would be the outlier in which you run several hundred feet of ductwork in a very large home)
  • Average range: $515 to $1,702
  • Median cost: $1,087

Local Averages

The online estimator at HomeWyse can help you get a closer duct installation estimate. Entering the zip code for Howard Air’s Phoenix office, and assuming a round number of 100 feet of ductwork, the cost comes out like this:

Howard Air - Price for Ducted A/C System: Phoenix, Arizona
  • 106 linear feet of ductwork: High estimate, $222.66; low estimate, $190.80
  • Labor (5.7 hours) for installing 100 feet of ductwork: High quote, $562.54; low quote, $464.09
  • Supplies: High cost, $32.92; low cost, $28.94

Total estimate using the algorithm behind this online estimator: $818.12 at the high end, and $683.84 at the low end.

These extremely precise estimates should immediately alert you that an unthinking computer, not a trained HVAC technician, is behind them. Sight unseen, nobody can accurately estimate the costs. Some duct runs may require more work than others; some walls or ceilings may have to be opened up.

The AC Itself

Howard Air - Price for Ducted A/C System: Ductwork

The ductwork is only part of the picture. You still need a central air conditioning system to blow cool, dehumidified air through the new ductwork. Depending on the national brand you select, the size of the cooling plant as determined by the ACCA Manual J and the design of the ductwork, you could be adding another $2,900 to $5,100 for the two-part central air conditioning system.

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