Phoenix is hot and especially during the summer months. Phoenicians want relief, and central air conditioning is the answer. A good HVAC contractor installing new air conditioners stays very busy all year long. Before you leap at a “bargain” AC unit, consider the other half of the equation: proper air conditioner installation.

Buying a New A/C Unit in Phoenix Checklist

Here’s what you need to know when buying an air conditioning unit in the Valley of the Sun.

#1 Choose an A/C Company First

Howard Air - Looking to Cool Down This Summer? Follow These AC Unit Buying Steps: Contractor

Before deciding on a new air conditioner, decide on the right installer. New central AC units are not ready to run. Manufacturers expect the HVAC installer to finish the work begun in the factory, including installing parts, balancing the system and adjusting all settings. The contractor is the last step of the assembly line. You need a local, reliable contractor who can flawlessly finish your investment the right way the first time. 

Look for a contractor who emphasizes continual training of technicians, backs up the service trucks with experienced managers in the main office and networks with leading manufacturers of central air conditioners. A plumber sidelining in AC, for example, may not be as reliable as a Phoenix HVAC contractor with decades of experience. 

#2 Properly Account for the Size Your Home or Business

Howard Air - Looking to Cool Down This Summer? Follow These AC Unit Buying Steps: Square Feet

That HVAC contractor should turn to the ACCA Manual J or Manual N to properly calculate residential or commercial cooling loads. Contractors cannot do this work in their heads. From the load calculation the best ductwork design can be determined via Manual D or Q. The contractor should guide you not to a brand but a size, using Manual S or CS. 

A trustworthy contractor also knows not to depend on the size of the previous unit if you are replacing a central air conditioner. Older models were far less efficient than today’s modern marvels. For a smaller physical footprint (and carbon footprint) than your old model, you can get greater cooling power out of high-efficiency systems. 

#3 Check Price Points

Howard Air - Looking to Cool Down This Summer? Follow These AC Unit Buying Steps: Pricing

The equipment is one cost; installation is another. You may spend a lot for a premium central air conditioner, but if you select a poor installer, you will never get your money’s worth from the system. A really good HVAC technician, such as the professionals at Howard Air, can install a modestly priced system that will perform better than a high-priced system incorrectly installed. 

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If you are choosing to buy and arrange installation from the same HVAC contractor, look for an experienced contractor who works with several brands. Each manufacturer usually has several brand lines, marketed at economical, mid-priced and high-end price points. A trusted, local contractor like Howard Air can help you decide first between manufacturers and then between different models by the same maker.

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