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Situated in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert with the McDowell Mountains as a beautiful backdrop, locals of the Scottsdale, AZ area enjoy mild temperatures and beautiful scenery most of the year. Unfortunately, during the summer the temperatures can reach into the triple digits leaving you feeling less than comfortable. While many stay indoors as a reprieve from the scorching heat outside, there may come a time when your Scottsdale Air Conditioner isn’t working properly and your indoor comfort will be jeopardized. Howard Air has been creating comfort and trust for over 30 years with our outstanding Scottsdale AC Repair services. We are a Specialist, as well as a family owned and operated business serving commercial and residential customers across the Maricopa County area.

Because of the extreme desert heat, it isn’t unlikely that your Scottsdale AC will operate hundreds of hours during the cooling season. Would you drive your car thousands of miles without an AC tune-up? Having proper maintenance services performed on your air conditioner can result in improved capacity and reliability, as well as efficiency and indoor air quality. Because your system is better prepared to operate through the peak of the season, you will also save money on the prevention of Scottsdale air conditioning repair! Many homeowners do not realize that the warranty on their air conditioner is dependent upon proper maintenance and care. Guarantee your comfort and add years of life to your system by enrolling in one of our convenient and affordable maintenance programs today!

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Air Conditioning Unit Installation
New Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement:

The air conditioning system in your home or business is responsible for delivering cool, conditioned air throughout your space. As the years progress and your air conditioners performance begins to decline, you may begin to consider Air conditioner replacement. This can be an intimidating decision. Fortunately, the experts at Howard Air can help you compare a variety of air conditioners, go over payment options, and even help you obtain financing, rebates, and tax credits that may apply. You can count on our expert staff to cater to your needs, and to provide the most professional and careful AC installation services around. In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%! Give us a call to schedule a FREE appraisal!

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Every homeowner or business owner will likely experience issues with their cooling system, resulting in the need for Scottsdale AC repair services. Fortunately, this inconvenience can be offset by calling Howard Air for emergency air conditioning service. We understand the importance of your Scottsdale AC in keeping you comfortable. You can’t always wait hours, or even days, for repair. That’s why we strive to offer quick and reliable repair with 24/7 service. Whether you have a large commercial system or a small residential unit, our team of NATE certified repair experts will locate the cause of the problem and take corrective action with accuracy and dependability that is hard to come by in the Scottsdale air conditioning industry.

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We have been in business for over 30 years, have an A+ BBB rating and Zero Complaints with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors! The only way to have accomplished this is by treating our customers with integrity and respect. We work hard every day to provide the best ac repair in Scottsdale, AZ! If you want to see how a customer should be treated, give us a call and let us show you.

With our in-house engineers and our automated fabrication shop, we are able to design, fabricate and install for everything from the most basic to the most sophisticated homes. By choosing Howard Air, you can rest assured that no matter what the task, big or small, you will be 100% satisfied with your AC Repair or New Cooling and Heating System Installation. This is the only reason we can offer a Life Time Warranty and Money Back Guarantee to our customers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Please take a moment to listen to the experience one of your neighbors had working with Howard Air Conditioning in Scottsdale. We understand that in order to stay in business and have your customers refer you to their friends and family, you have to do what you promise. We go to great lengths to ensure each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with the work we performed. Thank you to our regular customers for your continued loyalty!

Carrier Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Scottsdale, AZ: Is your Carrier Air Conditioner not working the way it should? Does your Carrier AC Unit need a check up? If so, give us a call and we will be happy to fun a full diagnosis and inform you of all of your options. Carrier Air Conditioning repair in Scottsdale, is our specialty and pride ourselves in providing the best customer service.

Here at Howard Air, we are proud to offer a complete line of Carrier Air Conditioning Systems & Units. If you’d like to schedule a free Carrier Cooling and Heating unit installation appointment, contact us today. We are standing by

Lennox Air Conditioner Repair Scottsdale: We have been repairing Lennox Air Conditioners for over 30 years. If your Lennox Cooling System isn’t working, contact us today and we will run a complete diagnosis. In the event that your unit can’t be repaired, we will consult you on all of your options. It’s important to select the correct unit for your home in order to minimize cost and maximize your energy bill savings. Air Conditioning Repair Scottsdale is what we do better than all of the other air conditioning companies in Scottsdale, AZ.

Experience matters when it comes to repairing your Lennox Air Conditioner in Scottsdale, Arizona and we have over 30 years worth. Call us today for immediate Lennox Air Conditioning Repair Service in Scottsdale.

York Air Conditioning Repair: We have been repairing, servicing, and maintaining York Air Conditioners in Scottsdale for over 30 years. If you’re looking to service your York AC Unit, contact Howard Air today and we will consult you on your options.
Goodman AC System Repair: Do you have a Goodman Cooling & Heating system? Air Conditioning Repair in Scottsdale is what we do better than anyone else. If your Goodman AC Unit is not running the way it should, contact us today. If you’re looking for Goodman Air Conditioner Repair, contact Howard Air Conditioning in Scottsdale, we repair Goodman Air Conditioning Units all the time.

We have earned an A+ BBB rating and we intend to keep it. It’s important to choose an ac company in Scottsdale with integrity. That’s exactly what you’ll get with us.

Rheem Cooling and Heating System Service: Are you looking for the best air conditioning companies in Scottsdale to repair your Rheem A/C Unit? If so, you found the right company!

Howard Air has been repairing, servicing and maintaining Rheem Air Conditioners for 30+ years. It’s important to maintain your Rheem Air Conditioning Unit in order to maximize it’s efficiency and longevity. If your Rheem Cooling and Heating System is broken, give us a call and we’ll repair it for you as quickly as possible. Call today for Rheem Air Conditioner Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Ruud Air Conditioner Repair: Many of our customers in Scottsdale use Ruud Cooling & Heating systems to cool and heat their homes. We have plenty of experience keeping Ruud AC Units up and running in the extreme Arizona summers.

If your air conditioning system isn’t performing, contact us today and we will completely diagnose and repair your Ruud Air Conditioning Unit in Scottsdale, AZ and advise you on the best course of action to take. Contact us today for Ruud AC Repair or any issues you are experiencing with your air conditioning scottsdale.