Maintaining an efficient and reliable air conditioning unit in your home is no joke in the Phoenix metro area. Once temperatures reach staggering heights, it is important to ensure your AC is working well. If it requires any maintenance to perform at its best, it is imperative these small issues are addressed before it escalates to a more costly HVAC repair. Running a well-oiled machine also brings down the cost of energy required for the unit to successfully cool down your home.

6 Common Air Conditioner Issues Homeowners Face

All that said, regardless the AC unit you have for your home, certain problems will inevitably arise. Our goal is to help you prepare for potential air conditioner problems and provide information regarding the best solutions to fix them. At the very least, you will have useful tips regarding AC symptoms and possible required fixes. Some issues you can address yourself, while others call for professional skill.

1. Uneven/Reduced Cooling Power

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Uneven Cooling

This can happen for a few different reasons. A simple fix, assuming no maintenance is required, is to make sure all your windows and doors are closed when the cooler is running, preventing cold air from leaving the home and warm air from entering. Possible system issues that can lead to uneven and reduced power include airflow blockage, system imbalances, or leaking ducts.

Airflow blockage is quite literally anything that reduces the air pressure and flow that should move fluidly throughout your home. Focusing on the rooms that are especially warm, check to make sure all registers are open and unobstructed. When your AC system is off balance, this could mean the condenser fan is out of balance, or it could mean that the airflow disbursement is uneven throughout the home. Leaking ducts can occur near the vent boot due to improper sealing that leads to condensation.

Call a licensed technician to have your system balanced. It is also recommended that you have the unit inspected for possible leaking.

2. Failure to Turn On

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Failure to Turn On

When you are unable to turn on your AC, this can be an indicator of a few different issues. Faulty wiring is a potential reason for this symptom, and it is dangerous because it can lead to fire hazards. If you notice poor wiring in your AC unit, it should be addressed right away. It is recommended that you have a professional assess the issue and repair any damaged or inadequate wiring if necessary.

3. Frozen Parts

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Frozen Unit

When your AC coil in the indoor unit begins to freeze, or frost and ice start forming inside the unit, this means you are facing hindered airflow. Make sure to change air filters regularly and alleviate any obstructed ducts so that the air in your home can cycle through freely. You should also make sure the refrigerant levels aren’t too low because this can also cause freezing.

4. Erratic Powering Behavior

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Erratic Powering On and Off

If your AC unit turns on and off sporadically, regardless of thermostat settings, you are probably facing airflow obstruction caused by dirt and debris. You can clear out and clean the condenser coil and evaporator, as well as replace your air filter.

5. Air Not Cooling

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Not Cooling Room

There are various reasons why your air may not cool to the desired temperature shown on your thermostat. For example, there may not be enough of refrigerant, or Freon, to cool the air, or the refrigerant could be leaking. Other issues may include damaged parts or airflow blockage. If you can’t diagnose the problem yourself, seek assistance from a skilled technician. Much like the solutions for power issues, you will need to clean coils and parts and replace the air filter.

6. Outside Unit Issues

Howard Air - Problems Air Conditioners Face - Outside Unit

Typically, there are two separate components of an AC system: the outside unit and the inside unit. The outdoor unit houses the condenser coil, compressor, electrical parts, and a fan, so there are a few parts that could run into trouble without regular maintenance.

For instance, your outside fan can stop working. When this occurs, the heat from your home is no longer being transferred outside properly, which can lead to additional problems, including overheating of the compressor or a tripping of the safety overload. You want to avoid any internal damage to the compressor.

When your outside unit isn’t functioning at all, this may be a different problem altogether. This could be a power issue, a contactor malfunction, or a thermostat glitch. The contactor is a little gadget that switches the outdoor unit on and off according to signals from the thermostat.

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