Fall is a beautiful time in Arizona. The summer heat dissipates and locals can step outside and enjoy outdoor activities without fear of overheating. In addition, your air conditioning Phoenix systems will get a much-needed break and your heating system may even get some use. The onslaught of cooler weather and the impending fall allergy season leave locals with a lengthy to-do list in preparation. Check out these tips for preparing your home for fall:

  1. Seal Energy Drains-While there may be many sources of energy drains in your home, common sources include air leaks around your window and door frames. Inexpensive weatherstripping and caulking can be purchased at your local home improvement store and installed to close off these leaks. You will experience savings on your energy bills as a result!
  2. Inspect Smoke Alarms– Your home likely has multiple smoke detectors, and you may even have a carbon monoxide detector for added protection. Fall is a great time to inspect these safety devices and change batteries if need be.
  3. Improve Air Quality– Did you know that Trane offers whole home air purifiers to remove 99.98% of allergens from the air? This can be a life saver during the irritating fall allergy season and is great for those with asthma. Your carpet is home to large amounts of allergens and respiratory irritants (despite vacuuming regularly). Consider having them cleaned this fall and breathe easier!
  4. Change Air Filters– Your heating system uses a filter to trap airborne particles from being expelled into the home. When these filters become overly dirty, they can clog the system and reduce energy efficiency. This costs you in inflated energy expenses. Check your filters every month and change them regularly. Call your heating & cooling specialist for the proper replacement filters.
  5. Sign a Maintenance Agreement– Maintenance services are the best way to avoid the need for heating and AC repair Scottsdale. Planned maintenance agreements are a great way to save money on preventative services and often have additional benefits such as discounted, preferred service. As a result of maintenance, you will see improved performance and reduced energy costs.

Howard Air can help you with the majority of these tasks so be sure to call for service or product solutions from the reliable Trane brand. We would love to help you prepare for fall so you have more time to spend enjoying the weather!