7 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently

With Phoenix air conditioners running through long, hot summer days, energy efficiency is not a luxury. Knowing how to make an air conditioner work better saves you money, but it also increases the life of your system.

7 Ways to Make Your A/C Unit Blow [...]

These Five Tips will Help You Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs

Nobody likes the cost of air conditioner repairs, but nobody likes living in Arizona without central air conditioning, either. At Howard Air, we know you and your family can benefit from lower AC repair costs by employing these five strategies.

Five Ways You Can Prevent [...]

How Often Do Air Conditioners Break Down in Arizona?

The life of a Phoenix air conditioner is not kind, easy or long. Most central air conditioners survive 13 to 15 years in our desert environment. A central air conditioning system in a more temperate climate, such as Illinois or Oregon, may last more [...]

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    Furnace Blower Not Working? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace Blower Not Working? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

During the wintertime, our service technicians often get calls from frustrated homeowners who have recently discovered that their furnace blower is not working. While we’re always happy to help these homeowners, the problem is often something that they can easily fix themselves. So, in [...]

The Best Residential Furnace for Your Home

Desert-dwelling Phoenicians may not have a lot of experience with buying furnaces, but January nights can dip down to the low 40s, says RSS Weather, and during those times you will be glad you have the best residential furnace you can get. Except… which [...]

Efficient Air Conditioning System Design for New Home

Given the importance of efficiency, value and cost when it comes to an air conditioning unit, we at Howard Air understand the necessity of a good system design. An ill-designed AC system not only costs the consumer more on their energy bill, but it [...]

New Federal Study Quantifies Efficiency Losses Due To Improper HVAC Installation​

New Federal Study Quantifies Efficiency Losses Due To Improper HVAC Installation​

October 15, 2014

ACCA, the nation’s largest association of indoor environmental systems professionals, announces the availability of a new report, which confirms that HVAC equipment requires a quality installation (QI) in order to perform at [...]

Why You Should Have Scottsdale Heating Maintenance

As Thanksgiving nears this week, it is becoming more evident that fall is fully underway. Cooler temperatures have already made an appearance, and many were forced to turn on the central heating systems in their homes as a result. Soon winter weather will be [...]

Tips for Reducing Carefree Heating & Cooling Bills

Living in a subtropical desert climate leaves locals relying on their Carefree air conditioning systems for a majority of the year. Unfortunately, this can also leave them with overwhelming monthly energy expenses. We thought it would be a good idea to compile some great [...]