Arizona is well known for its hot summers and mild winters. It can be normal to experience 5 months of 100 degree temperatures. That means your ac unit will operate round the clock to meet your comfort level. However, do not underestimate the low temperatures during the winter months. It is common for the temperatures to drop into the low 40’s. Howard Air highly recommends that you be prepared for those temperature differences with regular heating and a/c maintenance. We offer a variety of “custom fit” maintenance programs that accommodate your needs.

In order for your home to remain at your desired comfort level, regular maintenances must be carried out. By joining our bi- annual maintenance programs, Howard Air will come out twice a year to ensure your units are ready for the upcoming season.

Properly maintain your air conditioner for best results

Unserviced air conditioning units frequently break down when the weather is the hottest, requiring expensive repairs and costly emergency calls.


What are the perks to having a maintenance performed?
  1. You could add to the lifespan of your unit. When a unit is running at its peak efficiency, the main components do not have to work as hard. This cuts down on the everyday wear and tear of your system. Our technicians will rejuvenate your system so that it performs to your expectations.
  2. You could have a direct positive impact on your pocket book. It is a given that your utility bills can be lowered significantly, simply by keeping your systems clean and maintained. (It is also wise to verify that your ductwork is designed properly to produce the most effective air flow.) Many times during routine maintenances, a simple, inexpensive repair can be completed which will reduce the number of significant and costly repairs that may occur as a consequence.
  3. Peace of Mind. Our NATE certified technicians can determine if your system is low on refrigerant or if a component is failing. In the winter months, it is essential that the ignitor, heating element, and heat exchanger be inspected to ensure the heating unit is working properly. Heating equipment that has not been properly maintained can become a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. In many cases this could result in health risks or even death.
  4. Validate Warranty. Many manufactures require a working history of the unit when submitting warranty claims. By building a portfolio of your maintenances, a warranty claim can be processed and approved more successfully.
Why Become a PMA Member
  1. It is easy to lose track of time as we go about our busy everyday activities. Howard Air will send out friendly reminders when it is time to have a maintenance performed.
  2. You are now a priority member. Our PMA members receive priority service when a service call is scheduled.
  3. Enjoy 10% discounts on the cost of labor and repairs. (Optimum and Rejuvenation plans)
  4. Take advantage of a 5% discount on a system replacement- guaranteed!

Howard Air has four unique maintenance plans to meet your needs. When determining which plan is right for you, think about the type of unit you have, the age of the unit, the location of the unit, and how much you use your system. Our goal is to custom fit the right plan for your unit. We want your system to give you the best performance possible. Below is a more detailed explanation of each plan. Remember, Howard Air is here to help if you have any questions!