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How Come My Heater Won’t Turn On?

As temperatures steadily begin to drop, people are starting to turn up the heat in their homes. But, what happens when you adjust the thermostat and nothing happens? If your central heating is not working as expected, there could be several reasons why.

3 Reasons [...]

My Furnace is Switched On, but it’s Not Blowing Air

With winter just around the corner, furnace issues could be a potential disaster. Here at Howard Air, in Phoenix, we understand that temperatures in the Valley don’t typically dip below freezing. But, when they do, you don’t want to be caught unaware. Maintaining a [...]

What Does an Energy Audit Entail for Phoenix Residents?

With a home energy audit or home energy assessment, Phoenix homeowners can find the best ways to save energy and lower utility bills. What is an energy audit? Our professional technicians, also called energy auditors, use special equipment to help people decide which improvements [...]

How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

At Howard Air, our business is keeping homes comfortable for their owners and residents. The summers in Phoenix are not to be taken lightly, and a broken AC can actually be quite dangerous during the hottest parts of the year. When an AC unit [...]

How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioner Problems

Central air conditioning is one of those wonderful modern marvels that makes our interiors cool and comfortable. They run in the background of our lives, until they break down and then all things hot and humid come inside. Unfortunately, such breakdowns and mishaps seem [...]

Efficient Air Conditioning System Design for New Home

Given the importance of efficiency, value and cost when it comes to an air conditioning unit, we at Howard Air understand the necessity of a good system design. An ill-designed AC system not only costs the consumer more on their energy bill, but it [...]

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    Is Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Not Cooling Your Home?

Is Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Not Cooling Your Home?

There are a variety of things that could cause your air conditioning unit to not cool your home properly. Some solutions to these problems can be done on your own, but others may require contacting professional help, like the friendly folks at Howard Air. 

In [...]

Best Commercial-Grade AC Units for Large Buildings

In our decades of experience installing commercial HVACs and home comfort systems, we at Howard Air have frequently encountered the misconception that all air conditioners are the same.

Granted, they all move warm air from the inside of the property, condition it by extracting the [...]

How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

Deciding to install a new air conditioner is an important investment in your home. When comparing overall costs, labor and materials must also be included. The cost of the air conditioner itself will account for most of the expense, but labor can also be [...]

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner?

After more than 30 years of successful AC repairs and installations, we’ve learned what matters most to our customers at Howard Air. They want reliable air conditioning at a competitive price, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their installation and maintenance [...]