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The Top Three Reasons Why Your AC Will Break This Summer

Anyone who owns a cat knows The Challenge of the Door: The cat wishes to go out … or not … or go out … or not … This nonsense can go on and on until you “help” your cat decide using your own [...]

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    How Can My Air Conditioner Be Frozen When It’s 100 Degrees Outside?!

How Can My Air Conditioner Be Frozen When It’s 100 Degrees Outside?!

An interesting thing about Arizona HVAC is the weird connection between high daytime temperatures and frozen air conditioners. If you find your air conditioner frozen, you will notice frost on the coils but little or no cool air in your home. It is a [...]

Is Your Air Conditioner Making a Humming Noise?

Do you hear your air conditioner making a humming noise? An air conditioner making noise is usually not a concern, unless the sound varies greatly from its typical sounds.

A humming noise usually indicates the steady drive of the outside fan blade and motor, [...]

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Cleaning air ducts does not need to go on your spring cleaning chore list. If you are extremely organized, you can put it down on a five-year calendar. This is because the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) itself — a group you would [...]

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    Howard Air Named Finalist for 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

Howard Air Named Finalist for 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

Better Business Bureau serving Central, Northern, and Western Arizona (BBB) names Howard Air one of 15 Arizona companies selected as finalists for the 2017 Torch Awards for Ethics. Five of the 15 companies will be named winners in their category during the awards dinner and ceremony Wednesday, April [...]

Examples of Indoor Air Conditioning to Consider

Visiting friends and neighbors in Phoenix is a good way to find all the examples of indoor air conditioning a house can have. Whether you run a Valley business or have settled in Carefree for a carefree retirement, four types of air conditioning are [...]

How to Test the Air Quality in Your Home

The bad news is Phoenix’s air quality is bad. The American Lung Association gave the Valley’s air a failing grade – F – in its 2015 air quality index.

The good news is, for 2016 our air improved a bit, says the ALA. Yet under either [...]

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices: What to Expect

If your Phoenix-area home was built without a furnace, it probably has no ductwork. Ductwork is essential for central air conditioning and most heat pumps. Ductless systems can be added to your home, but for the full force and cool comfort of air conditioning, [...]

8 Types of Indoor Air Pollution To Watch Out For

Nobody wants to think of inhaling bits of insect wing. Yet, biological contaminants are one of eight types of indoor air pollutants Phoenix homeowners deal with every day. These pollutants can cause serious health problems, which is why it’s critical that homeowners understand them [...]

Furnace Igniter Troubleshooting

Phoenix in the winter is heavenly. With cool but not cold nights, everyone enjoys settling in and relaxing in a warm, pleasant house. If your gas-fired furnace is not providing the head you want, though, your evening may be filled with words that make [...]