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Examples of Indoor Air Conditioning to Consider

Visiting friends and neighbors in Phoenix is a good way to find all the examples of indoor air conditioning a house can have. Whether you run a Valley business or have settled in Carefree for a carefree retirement, four types of air conditioning are [...]

How to Test the Air Quality in Your Home

The bad news is Phoenix’s air quality is bad. The American Lung Association gave the Valley’s air a failing grade – F – in its 2015 air quality index.

The good news is, for 2016 our air improved a bit, says the ALA. Yet under either [...]

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices: What to Expect

If your Phoenix-area home was built without a furnace, it probably has no ductwork. Ductwork is essential for central air conditioning and most heat pumps. Ductless systems can be added to your home, but for the full force and cool comfort of air conditioning, [...]

8 Types of Indoor Air Pollution To Watch Out For

Nobody wants to think of inhaling bits of insect wing. Yet, biological contaminants are one of eight types of indoor air pollutants Phoenix homeowners deal with every day. These pollutants can cause serious health problems, which is why it’s critical that homeowners understand them [...]

Furnace Igniter Troubleshooting

Phoenix in the winter is heavenly. With cool but not cold nights, everyone enjoys settling in and relaxing in a warm, pleasant house. If your gas-fired furnace is not providing the head you want, though, your evening may be filled with words that make [...]

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    Innovative Thermostats : The Best Smart Thermostats You Can Buy

Innovative Thermostats : The Best Smart Thermostats You Can Buy

Buying a thermostat is about as exciting a shopping experience as buying car tires – always necessary, but not necessarily exciting. However, today’s smart thermostats offer innovations that can make them highly attractive.

Thermostat Features Worth Having

Wi-Fi connectivity ranks as the best new innovation [...]

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    Furnace Blower Not Working? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace Blower Not Working? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

During the wintertime, our service technicians often get calls from frustrated homeowners who have recently discovered that their furnace blower is not working. While we’re always happy to help these homeowners, the problem is often something that they can easily fix themselves. So, in [...]

Plug-in Heaters For Your Home: A Hot Low Cost Option

If you are shopping for plug-in heaters for home use, you probably have a few cold spots in your home that just leave you… well, cold! Before we take a look at some outstanding models to consider, let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of [...]

The Best Residential Furnace for Your Home

Desert-dwelling Phoenicians may not have a lot of experience with buying furnaces, but January nights can dip down to the low 40s, says RSS Weather, and during those times you will be glad you have the best residential furnace you can get. Except… which [...]

How to Service a Gas Heater

Natural gas and propane are odorless. The pungent smell is from a chemical, mercaptan, added to both to alert you to a gas leak. This is vital information if you intend to service your own gas heater.

We at Howard Air certainly understand the instinct to [...]