“I called Howard Air on the hottest day of 2014 in the morning and they had a tech at my house by 2:30 that same day.  I cant remember what went wrong, but it was fixed and back on track within the hour. 
Not only was the tech, but everyone I spoke with was absolutely wonderful to work with.  I have recommended them to several friends and everyone has been pleased with them. 
Thank you Howard Air.”

-Gretchen M. From Phoenix 

“The technician arrived on time.  After a brief tour of where HVAC components were located, he went to work.  The technician kept us informed on his progress and any problems he had encountered. Overall, it was a very positive interaction.” 

-Stacey S. From Goodyear 

“Pardon – the first party of this is about the PRIOR AC repair company that not only didn’t fix the problem, but seemed to worsen the situation.  The AC was faltering in rental condo where I have family of 6 including 4 small children. Temperatures (and tempers) rising at end of July.  My prior preferred provider couldn’t schedule anything for at least 10 days, so I called an unknown-to-me owner operated AC & appliance repair guy who was able to get there within hours, but gave my tenants impression he didn’t know exactly what he was doing, and sadly and expensively, apparently did not.  After more than two hours and $260 later (including refrigerant), he departed saying it would take about 24 hours to cool back down.  It’s an old unit and he said compressor might not last long.  Unit continued to produce slightly cooler air through the night but cut off entirely the next day.  The young man from this other company was both courteous and I think genuinely concerned, and got me quotes of $1900 to replace the compressor, and $3900 to replace the unit, but given the costs and the questionable impression left with my tenants, I decided to get a second opinion and called Howard Air, whose $85 service call (a tad less with an Angies’ List discount deal) saved me the $1900-$3900.  Joel from Howard was able to get there the day I called (after my tenants had suffered a couple 100+ days with no AC) and found the prior repairman had overfilled the refrigerant to the point pressure could not be accurately gauged and had to be bled down, and despite at least 2 hours work on the roof, the prior repairman had left a dirty coil covered in dust and cat hair (since my tenants had run the AC for at least a couple of weeks without any filter).  At any rate, it was blowing cold air before Joel departed.  I owe a small balance due on top of the service call for Joel’s external coil cleaning efforts, but the unit was working superbly before he left, and continues to do so a week later.  My thanks to Joel and Howard Air.”

-John M. From Glendale 

“The tech arrived on time and was very professional and friendly. When the work was completed the tech took the time to review his results, very infromative. We use Howard Air for all our AC needs, Great Company – Great People.”

-Paul M. From Scottsdale

We had an intermittent cooling problem with one of our central a/c units. It would cool ok then stop cooling unless we rebooted the system several time a day (and night.) We had another contractor come, he said it needed Freon, I didn’t think it did because when it worked, it cooled just fine. He then said the unit was on its way out, they usually don’t last more than 10-15 years. These units are 15 years old and the other one worked just fine, as did this one (when it turned on.)

We called Howard Air because of the many good reviews it received. Christian, the tech checked it out and said the contacts were burned out, so it made intermittent contact then lost contact and shut itself off. He replaced the contact unit: $88 for the service call, rest was parts plus 10% discount for Angies List. He saved us the cost of a new unit, more importantly, he knew what to look for and found the problem. ”

We were very pleased with this company. A+
– Shelly T. from Mesa

“Serviced the AC, put in a surge protector and reassembled and rerouted the air conditioning ducts that a negligent electrician took apart to install a junction box. The former owners of this house had been air conditioning the attic for years!”

- Karen P. from Phoenix

“Howard Air was awesome! Very professional, informative and friendly when called. We had cked their rating here prior to calling. When they arrived on appt date and time, very punctual, friendly,informative. We would use them again. They cked they cked ca unit prior to the hot months arrival…cleaned and serviced the unit. They discovered one problem and we had them fix it.”

- Kevin M. from Chandler

“To all AC owners out there in the valley, I just wanted to put out a great recommendation if you are looking for or are in desperate need of a new AC unit. GO TO HOWARD AIR. My family found ourselves in great need of a new Ac unit last August. It was 115 degrees out and our unit failed for the last time. We tried a couple of other Air conditioning companies. Both made great promises with no success, no costumer service skills or professionalism. Plus they wanted to talk you into a service plan that legally didn’t exist. My husband searched and thank goodness found Howard Air.

Howard Air consultant came to our home walked through our whole home with my husband, inspected the old unit and showed him what was wrong. The consultant thoroughly explaining to him all the types of units that would work for our style home and gave us all costs up front, even took the time to check all the vent units. No hidden anything (thank goodness). I loved their professionalism right down to the wonderful crew who came to work on a very hot August morning and spoke with such courtesy that I haven’t heard from any of the other crews we’ve had before. These were young men who knew how to respect the public. It almost made me blush with the yes maim, thank you maim. (awesome crew).
Thank you Howard Air for saving our family! We have seen a great saving in our utility bills and that says a lot. The unit is wonderful. So if in need please, please call HOWARD AIR.”

– Scott & Mannie J. from Mesa

“I have had other Tech’s at my house and all performed with outstanding ability. Today it was Dave. I was do for the yearly inspection of my 1 year old unit that I bought from them. It has worked at perfection and I was not expecting an issue and none was forthcoming. It went great. Schedule time for visit was 8 to 12 and at 8 AM the bell rang. Gave me a few tips.”

- Robert G. from Glendale

“Technician inspected and serviced HVAC unit. He was very helpful in resolving an issue with the furnace filter and offered useful suggestions for dealing with this issue in the future. Very satisfactory expereince. Would definitley use them again”

- Richard C. from Scottsdale

“Assessed a non-working heat pump. They then sent a salesman out to our home to provide new heat pump options. Once we selected the appropriate heat pump their crew installed a new heat pump. They were on time, professional, and cleaned up the work area. A representative then came out after the installation to inspect the work. We were very happy with the improved efficiency and performance of the new heat pump and happy with the service we received from Howard Air.”

- Steven K. from Phoenix

“Ordered service from out of state over phone. Responsive, pleasant, informative on phone. Also talked with tech after his checking the AC/heaters in home daughter lives in. No repairs were needed but did suggest heater coils/duct cleaning later this year. Will follow up with this company for suggested service. Very pleased with this company’s service, suggestions & knowledge. Thank you, Angie’s List and Howards.”

- Evan T. from Acworth, GA

“They were prompt, thorough, professional and courteous. I would use them again without hesitation.”

- CJ B. from Scottsdale

“Excellent, very nice gentlemen. Called to let me know the arrival time. Arrived, chekced out location he would have to use for access to attic, proceeded to evaluate work required….(the igniter had worn out) he replaced part after getting my ok with the price.”

- Lizzella R. from Gilbert

Google+ Reviews

Howard Air
Reviewed from Google

4.6 out of 5 stars

Hook 'em Horns

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Recently relocated to the East Valley from out of state. One of the things that our home inspector recommended was that we have our AC checked more thoroughly.

We carried out some online research and contacted Howard Air to set up an appointment. Tina took my call and kindly set up an appointment for the same day which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Bryan, the tech that was assigned to us was friendly and professional. He did an outstanding job performing the standard service call. He took multiple photos of our A/C/Heat Pump unit which is located up on the roof of our home. He then showed me the photos of several components of our A/C system and fully explained their function and why they needed to be replaced in order for our system to run more efficiently. The price quoted was very competitive as well.

We gave Bryan the green light to proceed and he replaced the components, added additional Freon and even kindly washed our permanent filter (he explained how important it is to keep this filter clean and to do this each month to ensure unrestricted airflow) and even installed a ptrap in our condensation pipe without charge.

Bryan was asked about several photos of our A/C unit that were taken by our inspector and there were several items that he said did not need to be worked on at this time as they were actually in good condition. I appreciate Bryan's integrity and this reflects well not only on him, but on Howard Air too.

Bryan also immediately emailed us our invoice when we paid with our credit card. We appreciate that paperless option for our records.

Bryan, thanks for doing such a great job for us and we look forward to having you come out again for our next service this coming fall for the heat pump. Great job Howard Air!

Francesca Hinojosa

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

We came back from being out of town to find that our A/C was blowing hot air. It was a lovely 90 degrees on a midsummer morning. Awful, right?

Howard Air is one of the best businesses I have dealt with in a long while. Our technician was clean, prompt, and worked quickly. He was intuitive and figured out the problem quickly. Before we knew it, our AC was running again! Price was fair and we couldn't ask for anyone better. Other technicians for various services have not been nearly as courteous or effective. Some have been condescending, some have been slow, some have done shoddy work -- NOT Howard Air! Highly recommended!

Nick Phillips

3 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Our technician did a great job and was very professional. Overall, though I was left pretty frustrated. I called and the customer service person pulled up my account. She said $99 to do the multi-service inspection. I asked if that included replacing any refrigerant to which she didn't say "yes" or "no" but "they very rarely need refrigerant replaced especially since it was just serviced a year ago". The technician showed up and right off the bat my bill went up an extra $99 when he discovered we have two AC units. I asked why they didn't tell me that when I was quoted $99 since they pulled up my account from the last time they serviced it in May of 2013. I hadn't added a unit since then. The next surprise came when the technician said he needed to replace refrigerant at $85 and mentioned it needed two lbs. Now I'm up to $285. Then my bill came in the door and I found out that it was $85 per pound so I'm now up to $375 with tax.

Laura Reiley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

We had our AC / Heat unit replaced by Howard Air abut a year ago. Everything about the experience from the sales person, the installers, and the maintenance person was positive. I called a lot of AC places looking for quotes; Howard Air was one place that did not treat me like I had no idea what I was talking about. They gave several options all within our price ranges and worked with us on where we had issues with AC and Heat with the old unit. I'm keeping the maintenance agreement with them and highly recommend.

A Google User
A Google User

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

Excellent service, open when others were not. Technician went above and beyond to make sure the A/C was not only running but that any other future potential issues were solved! A few issues we hadn't noticed were pointed out and fixed beyond the main issue.


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